Nato and eu towards a constructive relationship

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nato and eu towards a constructive relationship

The EU-NATO Joint Declaration in July and the 42 Implementation The report concludes that further constructive and pragmatic development of the EU- NATO relationship is possible despite the political constraints. happen to overlap- but to collaborate – working together towards a common goal. Can Britain's 'special relationship' with US survive outside the EU? of historically common US–European interests – from Nato to the Iran. relationships arise from the different, albeit overlapping memberships of the . between NATO and the European Union; however, the Treaty on European Union . constructive development of a European Security and Defence Identity. . due to the change in French attitudes towards NATO, working relationships between.

Consider on the ground cooperation to bridge institutional obstacles. Raising Ambitions Member States and institutions should consider intensifying joint action beyond the Declaration. This could include joint planning of activities, use of funds for common projects and increasing political reciprocity. Expand the areas of cooperation beyond the seven already identified. The two institutions could consider joint programming, even if this is facilitated by an independent implementing agency.

This would provide a buffer against opposition from countries outside the 22 common members and reduce legitimacy issues when working with local stakeholders. Clarify the goal of EU-NATO relations should not merely be cooperation between the institutions but collaboration for better security in Europe.

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Britain and France aim to get past this reluctant attitude by taking the upper hand in the implementation of the CSDP. However, since Britain is distancing itself from further EU integration, France feels left alone. Besides, unanimity is required for decisions to be taken concerning the CSDP.

This results in a very slow decision-making process.

nato and eu towards a constructive relationship

Arguably, the reason for this requirement is the fact that many EU member states still hold on strongly to their sovereignty. Abandoning part of their defence and security policy goes against their sovereignty.

However, since Brussels already influences national budgets, why this reluctance concerning security issues?

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Overall, this leads to a divided EU, unable to properly implement an effective common defence and security policy Smith, p. The former, being a decisive NATO member, is expecting an increased international military role of the EU after the signing of the Berlin Plus arrangement in The relationship between the two has been altered since the EU has not yet been able to fulfil this role Smith, p.

Cultural and institutional differences also play a significant role in explaining the challenging relationship between NATO and the EU.

nato and eu towards a constructive relationship

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nato and eu towards a constructive relationship

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nato and eu towards a constructive relationship

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nato and eu towards a constructive relationship

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