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mungojerrie and rumpleteazer relationship

Onstage, Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer are usually costumed as orange, black and brown calico or tabby cats. Their relation, be it siblings, friends or mates. Admetus and Macavity are in some way linked, perhaps as relations, or a split personality .. Rumpleteazer: might be Mungojerrie's twin, sister, or mate. Mistoffelees and Victoria Jemima and Tumblebrutus Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer Griddlebone and Growltiger Tantomile and Admetus.

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Hopefully, very far away from you Belle wrote: Almost all of it is open to interpretation and each director! There's not many hard rules In London I've heard that Coricopat and Tantomile are mates as well as twins Most people think Jellylorum is Gus' daughter.

mungojerrie and rumpleteazer relationship

Generally the kittens' personalities are too fluid from production to production to pair them off. Even a few "obvious" choices can be complicated by various moments in the show like Victoria and Mistoffelees--they're often paired, but you could make an equal case for Victoria and Plato, or Mistoffelees and Cassandra.

Tue Oct 18, 9: Barcelona, Spain Yeah, there's a point in there, it is very difficult to make strict pairings and relationships.

As I've been reading, the opinion is that generally the video version is not the best source of information, people should deduce from the theatre versions. And I think that's true, the video version was done afterwards, though some productions got inspired by it or the London version, which were quite similar and some of the actors appeared in both.

I can only judge according to that and Madrid version, but I don't know what happens in my mind because Madrid version is often blocked and I can hardly remember it. I think it's due to going with an ex-boyfriend that I really loved and I am still trying to forget. According to what I've seen: I don't usually like the so called "triad" that has been created in some fanfics: Munkustrap and Demeter was my actual couple. Bombalurina is for me just a flirtatious cat.


I don't even see a connection with the Tugger, for in his song, he evidently refuses her and saying the word "no". So she's just the sexy cat. On the other hand in the video at the background I think it was Pouncival who was trying to get her attention, but of course he's a kitten so he was as well making fun of her. Misto and Victoria are for me just a couple of cat dancers.

mungojerrie and rumpleteazer relationship

I don't see them mated but very good friends. Moreover Victoria in the video is mated with Plato. Though I don't see her with him either, it seemed more of a kind of ritual.

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Unfortunately, the most commonly recalled version is the one used in Cats: Due to many differing aspects, the main one being filming, a large chunk of the song was cut out. Lyrics Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer, we're a notorious couple of cats As knock-about clowns, quick-change comedians, tight-rope walkers and acrobats We have an extensive reputation. We make our home in Victoria Grove - This is merely our centre of operation, for we are incurably given to rove.

If the area window is found ajar, And the basement looks like a field of war, If a tile or two comes loose on the roof, Which presently fails to be waterproof, If the drawers are pulled out from the bedroom chests, And you can't find one of your winter vests, Or if after supper one of the girls Suddenly misses her Woolworth pearls: Then the family would say: Was it Mungojerrie - or Rumpleteazer!

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Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer have an unusual gift of the gab. We are highly efficient cat-burglars as well, and remarkably smart at the smash-and-grab. We make our home in Victoria Grove. We have no regular occupation. We are plausible fellows, who like to engage a friendly policeman in conversation. When the family assembles for Sunday dinner, With their minds made up that they won't get thinner On Argentine joint, potatoes and greens, And the cook would appear from behind the scenes And say in a voice that is broken with sorrow: For the joint has gone from the oven - like that!