Megatron and starscream relationship

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megatron and starscream relationship

If you've read All Hail Megatron you will know that Megatron knows Starscream will rule one day but that the role of leader has to be taken and. Trigger Warning for abuse. I'm not trying to be funny here. It's a serious topic. I see Megatron and Starscream's relationship in many lights, but. Megatron/Starscream is a controversial pairing in some corners of fandom for their canonical relationship's perceived resemblance to domestic.

Nick Roche both wrote and drew this issue, which can be a strength. When author and artist are the same, it's more likely to get the intended vision expressed. There are clever bits to the dialogue, and some things that are just fun, like Megatron's checklist - which does reoccur near the end of the book.

Nick does what I think is a good job of explaining Starscream's feelings through Megatron's perspective. Though violence is a component, a bigger part of Megatron's attack is by knowing how to push Starscream's buttons and force reactions from him. It's a good writer that can tell a story this way and make us even start to understand what the non-perspective character is feeling or thinking solely by their responses - especially the non-verbal ones.

As for the art, the only complaint I'll raise is that the faces don't always seem to be the characters. Nick Roche has a rather distinctive style of drawing faces, but it does not always lead to them resembling their own general appearances.

megatron and starscream relationship

The Starscream face Nick used in this issue is one I really liked and felt worked for the character especially in the mental state he spends almost the whole issue in. In general, where body designs make characters identifiable, it then will feel like they have received a generic face - something I thought really afflicted Megatron here.

It's kind of minor, and otherwise the art is quite nice, especially in the vehicular combat sequences which I normally find can go really well, or really badly all down to the skill of the artist. Massacre Fortuntely, Megatron soon returned from his exile and retook Decepticon command. Starscream attempted to welcome him back, but was quickly silenced. The Illusion of Control There was a brief lull in the war Primacy issue 1 before Megatron regrouped the scattered Decepticons for an all-out attack on Iacon.

Starscream went to Canis Tor to inform the Predacons that Megatron was back and after that, bribed the Combaticons into coming home. Primacy issue 2 He fought during the siege of Iacon but it led in a Decepticon rout. Primacy issue 3 Primacy issue 4 As the war bore on, Starscream was present when Megatron faced Optimus Prime in open battle on Sherma BridgeChaos Theory 1 witnessed a yellow Autobot get destroyed in an Decepticon-Autobot crossfire in another of the war's countless battles, Drift 2 and stood side-by-side with the Decepticon Deadlock in many other combat scenarios.

Drift 3 He would later admit that at one point, he had genuinely looked up to Megatron, but that changed when he realized that he feared the Decepticon leader, rather than respected him Infiltration 6 and was disgruntled that Megatron was leading them into a seemingly endless war.

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All Hail Megatron issue 10 That epiphany evidently led to further attempts to take leadership from Megatron, but in time, these power plays ceased, and Megatron hoped that it meant he had moved beyond such things. Infiltration 6 Starscream would even eventually end up as Megatron's bodyguard, and developed a mutual hatred with Sixshotprofessing that he would not be able to defend Megatron against such a powerhouse.

Devastation 5 But Starscream's appointment to this position was largely for show—Megatron could, of course, protect himself, and would later reveal that he kept Starscream close by despite his predilection for treachery as a reminder to himself to always watch his back. Megatron At one point, Starscream's treachery reached the attention of the Decepticon Justice Divisionwho had him added to their dreaded list of targets.

He was later removed from this list, perhaps due to Megatron's insistence on keeping him close by. An Axe to Break the Ice Earth and Ore Millions of years later, after the war had resulted in Cybertron becoming uninhabitable and the Autobots and Decepticons had spread out across the galaxy, Starscream came to be in command of one the small Decepticon units that secretly infiltrated planets across the galaxy.

Infiltration 0 In the midth century, the group had conquered the Huni System and were approached by the Dire Wraith Vekktralwho wanted to propose an alliance.

Though Starscream initially wanted to kill the organic, Vekktral made him interested by showing him the Space Knight Stardrive. Though Dirge had his doubts, Starscream realized the Solstar Order must have an Energon source to keep Stardrive alive and agreed to Vekktral's alliance. The group slew a Galactic Council force due to meet with the Solstar Order, and Starscream left behind a Vehicon and a bloke who turned into a bulldozer to destroy their ship while Astrotrain assumed its form. Shining Armor 2 Upon arriving at Orchid CrossingStarscream swatted some pest out of the sky before he tried to recruit Stardrive.

Failing to do so, he instead used her as a battering ram to reach her energon synthesizer only for Bumblebee and Ultra Magnus to show up with a standoff ensuing.

megatron and starscream relationship

Shining Armor 1 As Stardrive expressed confusion over who the Autobots were, Starscream again offerred her a spot in the Decepticons, only to be shot through a wall by Ultra Magnus. No sooner had the Seeker regained his bearings did Magnus ram Starscream in truck mode. After a Wraith merged with Sky Blast and turned into an ungodly abomination, Starscream opted for the better part of valour and decided the Wraiths could serve as canon fodder.

Starscream told Vekktral to get the beast under control, only to learn neither the Wraith or Sky Blast was in control. Starscream then took Astrotrain and made another run for their prize, only for the station to begin tumbling. He emerged to find Magnus had disabled its power, and he quickly destroyed the Autobot shuttle before giving the evacuation order, deciding to dig the energon synthesizer out of the rubble.

In the skies of XetaxxisStarscream questioned if the synthesizer was durable enough to survive reentry and how long it took for space stations to fall, before being informed the hybrid had survived. Shining Armor 2 Starscream and Vekktral tracked the hybrid to a Xetaxxian village where the situation neatly resolved itself.

After the two performed a quick check on whether or not the Xetaxxians were mechanical they weren'tStarscream bluntly told Vekktral he had no interest in furthering the Wraiths' agenda and merely wanted the synthesizer before mobilizing their forces.

When the Seekers arrived at the crash site however, the Space Knights had beaten them there. When Stardrive tried to evacuate some Xetaxxians past the Seeker blockade, Starscream expertly manoeuvred around her and shot the organics before turning his attention to the Space Knights, landing foot first on Rom.

Rom and Livia managed to use their speed to outmaneuver him with the former socking the Seeker square in the jaw. Sneaking away from the battle, Starscream made his way to the Energon synthesizer in Stardrive's room. The Camien soon realized he was there however and threatened to destroy the synthesizer with her Neutralizer before she offerred to trade it in exchange for him leaving Xetaxxis.

Shining Armor 3 After expressing his supreme annoyance at Rom's melodramatic speech pattern, Starscream tried to recruit Stardrive once again by extolling Cybertronian superiority and claiming to need her knowledge of the Wraiths to protect their kind from the Dire Wraiths. He might have succeeded had Rom and Livia not thrown Dirge into him forcing him to retreat.

The Seekers then watched Stardrive suffer a mental breakdown and attack her allies before they annoyingly worked everything out. The promised Dire Wraith backup however soon arrived in the form of Vekktral having possessed Ultra Magnus.

Shining Armor 4 After being saved by Sata and Stardrive, Starscream blasted the Wraiths off his troops and made a run for the synthesizer. As he fished it out of the rubble, Stardrive confronted him again where, after making one last half-hearted effort to recruit her, Starscream downed her with his null-ray and prepared to execute her only to be shot in the chest by Livia.

In his daze, he was assaulted by Stardrive who brutally beat him down and tore off his wings. Though grounded, Starscream's Seekers came to his rescue while he detonated the energon synthesizer and hitched a ride on Astrotrain. Reporting to Megatron on the Dire Wraiths' unfeasibility as allies, Starscream was congratulated Shining Armor 5 Roughly a century later, learning through undisclosed means of at least some of the secrets behind Shockwave's Regenesis program and the super-powerful energon Ore that the scientist had seeded on EarthShockpoint and seeing in it the potential to challenge Megatron for Decepticon leadership once again, Starscream took his unit to that planet.

There, they set about destabilizing Earth's governing organizations and create global anarchy in accordance with the strict infiltration protocol the Decepticons now operated to, all the while searching for Ore After around four years, their search bore fruit when a seam of Ore was uncovered in Nebraskabut later, the discovery of an even purer source of the ore in Oregon prompted Starscream to step outside traditional infiltration protocols and move the Decepticons' base of operations to the new site, establishing a fortified "siege mode" bunker well in advance of the standard timeline.

Infiltration 3 Unfortunately for Starscream, the abandoned Nebraska bunker was then infiltrated by Stokeran agent of the human organization known as the Machinationnecessitating that both he and the data he gathered—including images of Starscream himself—be eliminated by the Decepticons.

Infiltration 1 Starscream sent Thundercracker, Runabout and Runamuck after Stoker, and although they were successful in slaying the human, Starscream failed to count on another human obtaining Stoker's SM computer and falling in with the Autobot counter-insurgency unit also operating on the planet. Infiltration 0 Starscream, seen here actually getting off easy!

I am the future! Starscream urged speed, aware that breaking protocol the way they had was sure to elicit a response from Megatron. Infiltration 2 As he waited for the ore to process, Starscream ordered Blitzwing and Skywarp to cover the Decepticons' tracks by destroying all evidence of Stoker's travels, including what remained of the Nebraska bunker.

Infiltration 3 Unfortunately for them, Megatron himself had arrived on Earth and was in the bunker, catching up on what Starscream had been up to, when they attacked. Infiltration 5 Starscream emerged from the infusion capsule brimming with the incredible power of Ore just as a furious Megatron arrived at the Oregon bunker and offered the Decepticons a choice: Every one of his men surrendered, but the super-powered Starscream roared into battle and unleashed his full fury against Megatron.

Alas, the power conveyed by Ore proved insufficient to destroy the Decepticon leader, and Megatron blasted Starscream with his fusion cannon at point-blank range, virtually obliterating him. Megatron left Starscream's remains to be tended to by the Decepticons, unconcerned if he lived or died. Infiltration 6 Sarcasm from Starscream??

Starscream was placed in a CR chamber for extensive repairs but even with him out of the picture, the power of Ore convinced Megatron to continue Starscream's subversion of infiltration protocol. The last straw for the other Decepticons came when Megatron called Sixshot in early, leading Astrotrain to propose reactivating Starscream so that he could challenge Megatron's actions.

Devastation 1 Blitzwing and Astrotrain proceeded to bring Starscream back online, but no sooner was he back on his feet than the alien Reapers attacked the Decepticon base. Devastation 4 With Megatron unaware he had been reactivated, Starscream initially decided to hold back and allow the Reapers to cause trouble first, but when Sixshot arrived, Starscream emerged from base and called the hated Six-Changer out.

Starscream's appearance caused the living weapon to decide to accept the Reapers' offer to join their ranks Starscream then turned his weapons on the Reapers, causing Megatron to agree to take the fight to the aliens.

Transformers Spotlight: Megatron - Generation One - IDW Comic Book

Grimlock Starscream once again accepted Megatron as his liege, and together they teamed up to destroy the alien invaders, with Starscream wielding Megatron in his Ore empowered pistol mode to devastating effect. As the battle came to an end, Starscream stopped Megatron from punishing Blitzwing for going behind his back with the observation that a fleet of human jet fighters had arrived, and that the Decepticons' existence was now known to humanity. Devastation 6 The Decepticon ideal While the Decepticons were occupied battling the Reapers, the Autobots had left Earth to deal with an incursion by the Dead Universe.

Exploiting their enemies' absence, Starscream and the Decepticons went into hiding; when Autobots returned, they could find no trace of the villains, who kept one step ahead of them for months. They secretly returned to Cybertron, where Starscream stood by his leader's side as he received updates from scientist Deluge on his experiments to create a monstrous Insecticon swarm.

More Than Meets the Eye: Megatron/Starscream (Transformers G1) - The Shipper's Manifesto

Upon returning to Earth, the Decepticons then staged a phony schism within their ranks, allowing the Autobots to believe that they had "disappeared" as a result of a power struggle that had split their ranks into two camps, one led by Megatron and one by Starscream. All Hail Megatron 7 To complete their plot, Starscream approached the disenfranchised Autobot Sunstreaker with the proposition that the Autobots join with his fictitious forces against Megatron.

Sunstreaker accepted, All Hail Megatron 8 but when he led the Autobots to the designated time and place, they were instead confronted by the united Decepticon army and promptly defeated.

Starscream stood by Megatron's side and watched as the bested Autobots were exiled back to Cybertron through a space bridge. With a year now passed since their battle with the Reapers, and with their enemies disposed of, the Decepticons began to lay waste to the Earth with the intention of taking it for their new homeworld.

Starscream headed up the attack on New York City with glee, though he objected to Skywarp's insinuation that he could not sow destruction and terror on the same level as Megatron; Megatron soon arrived to prove him wrong. That task done, he returned to New York, to join Megatron in savoring their victory. Megatron mused that it was fitting to have a long-serving a Decepticon at Starscream beside him; Starscream believed he was being sarcastic, but Megatron's praise was genuine, going so far as to describe Starscream as the living embodiment of the Decepticon ideal, but a step short of full embracing it due to his own blindness to that fact.

All Hail Megatron 3 With the conquest completed, Starscream stood at Megatron's side as he addressed the gathered Decepticons. All Hail Megatron 4 However, as time passed and Megatron made no further new moves, content to allow his troops to wreak havoc around the world, Starscream began to suspect that Megatron had no further plan, and was merely giving his troops free reign as a distraction to keep them from turning on them.

He confronted Megatron with this knowledge, and taunted him with the fact it was essentially his own fault for assembling an army of sociopaths and monsters in the first place. All Hail Megatron 6 Legitimately disheartened to see the leader he had once looked up to go so far astray, having led them through an endless war with no vision for what lay beyond, Starscream began secretly meeting with the other Decepticons, recruiting those who shared his feelings in preparation for a coup.

After winning over the Constructiconshe approached the Insecticonsand also successfully convinced them to join him. All Hail Megatron 8 Roll credits! Starscream made his move a short while later, sending the Insecticons to attack Megatron, but the Decepticon leader summarily defeated them and revealed that he had known about Starscream's plans all along; he had, in fact, been doing nothing in order to allow the dissenting element of his army to weed themselves out.

He had, however, failed to predict that the Constructicons would take Starscream's side. All Hail Megatron 10 As fate would have it, Starscream's uprising was suddenly cut short when the Decepticons came under attack, first from human jets arrived from Europeand then the returning Autobots.

Starscream was forced to team up with Megatron, who assured him that someday he would get be in charge, someday after the Decepticons won, after he successfully crushed Megatron in the way that the taking of leadership required After giving this some thought, Starscream organized his troops to fight back, hailing Megatron's name.

All Hail Megatron 11 Megatron was subsequently defeated by Optimus Prime, but as the Autobot leader moved to inspect his fallen body, Starscream stepped in and picked up his injured leader, refusing to let the Autobots finish him off. We see that him not being present does not free his followers from the thrall of fear towards him. With Megatron supposedly dead, they are still devoted to him, pointing to his status as a charismatic dictator.

Megatron would seem like a very effective, even laudable, leader were it not for Starscream bringing out the worst in him, and allowing him to overtly showcase the darker side of his personality on a scapegoat. Megatron treats his other followers with the same expectation of loyalty and curt orders as any leader of a large military organisation, and their devotion to him puts him in a rather good light. He went out on a mission to improve the arsenal of his faction, and trusted his subordinates to run the ship wothout him.

He is capable of intelligent orders, and does not so far mindlessly beat and abuse his workers. He really seems like a good, if harsh and no-nonsense, leader. Starscream demands to be the master of all, treating those under him as servants. Starscream himself suffers from being the unwilling servant to Megatron, and he has learned all the wrong lessons about leadership from his master. Starscream only knows how to express his power through threatening his subordinates or demanding their loyalty switch to him from Megatron transitively.

Had Megatron treated Starscream with more deference and respect as a second in command, we might have an equally ascerbic but probably more loyal Starscream. In that sentence I meant love in general, as in any affection, loyalty, or expression of approval. Starscream may have once looked up to Megatron, been drawn to him charismatically like the other Decepticons, and been honoured by Megatron finally accepting him and inviting him into a closer relationship.

It started off so good, so happy and loving, and then, inevitably, the abuse started. Oh Starscream, backstabbing and being transparently power hungry from day one.