Maxim trankov and tatiana volosozhar relationship trust

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maxim trankov and tatiana volosozhar relationship trust

including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. To learn. Another interview with Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov. a German Spitz, which Tanya got even before our relationships have started. SOCHI, Russia — Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov won the Olympic gold medal in pairs figure skating Wednesday as Russia took the.

It was right after the Olympics Now we are at that age — both of us are over thirty — that we must resolve: And as we have already won everything we could, the question about children has become paramount for us. What about Olympics ? After the birth of baby we will have a year to prepare, so we want to participate. Tatiana spoke with many girls, skaters, who gave birth, recovered and got back on the ice.

And biathletes and skiers, for example, even improve their results — due to the hormonal rise. We had problems with motivation. There will be new emotions and new circumstances that may push us to next achievements. Now every time before eating, I think for not to harm both baby and me. Well, I still can say that yes, I plan to get on the ice as soon as possible after giving birth.

Frankly speaking, I really want to take part in Olympics. But at the moment the most important thing is the birth of a child. Then we will decide yes or no. In summer we were in Japan, participated in the ice show.

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Why did you think that? All girls, whom I know was saying: I told Max, he was very pleased. Only in Moscow after going to the doctor, who told me the exact term — five weeks, I began to consider my pregnancy as a fait accompli. Maxim, what did you think when you heard this news?

That now I must work harder to support my family. I thought that the responsibility increases, previously I had one person take care of, now two. Tatiana, since you have find out about the child, have you been on the ice?

maxim trankov and tatiana volosozhar relationship trust

Recently I have been, in early September we participated in ice show. Of course, the first three months of pregnancy are the most dangerous, but I trust my doctor, she conducted not one pregnancy of athletes.

She allowed me to go on the ice, but told me not to do twists, forget about throws. After all, any fall is dangerous. So, till the doctor allows, I will skate at least a little, three times a week. When I put her on ice from lifts, I check a thousand times whether she keeps balance, and only then continue.

Do you already know a gender? Our baby will be born in February. Well, yes, of course I want a boy. We became a family. We dated, stayed for a night at each others, but each had its own territory. I think, even after the wedding we continued to live separately for some time, because it there were not conditions for living together. So, the family life has started only in September.

No, each of us had an apartment, which Russian Figure Skating Federation rented. But how to live together in a rented apartment?

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Even nowhere to put your stuff. I have a whole apartment of things, and Tanya too. Not counting the dogs. But now the life is adjusted.

Tatiana Volosozhar

We can invite guests and relatives. What does the status of a family man give?

maxim trankov and tatiana volosozhar relationship trust

We started to take serious some things, for example spending. We earn the same: I believe that a woman must deal with finances of the family. Are you Spartans or you love the comfort?

maxim trankov and tatiana volosozhar relationship trust

All athletes from childhood are Spartans. With age you start to want comfort.

maxim trankov and tatiana volosozhar relationship trust

For example, I like to deal with household chores. Did you do the refurbishment yourself? After the injury I had to miss the season, and I devoted my spare time to refurbishment. Fortunately, I studied at design courses, I like this a lot, so I decided not to invite a designer.

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But to be honest, everyone who comes to us for a visit, really likes it. Maxim spent nights featuring — planning the rooms, choosing the color combinations, wallpapers. Not only on the ice. You spend a lot of time at training. Six hours a day. When you come home, probably just run away in different corners?

The fact that we are a couple on the ice and in real life, has its pros and cons.

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