Maura and jane relationship counseling

Therapy Chapter 1: The Love of My Life, a rizzoli & isles fanfic | FanFiction

maura and jane relationship counseling

Jun 7, Mama R tells Jane she and her father once went to see a marriage counselor. She says one thing that helped was when the doctor made them. Feb 18, Maura gets high. Previously on Rizzoli & Isles: Maura gets kidnapped. Jane finds Maura. Jane kills Hey, how about couples counseling?. Sep 5, TNT's Rizzoli & Isles — as in Jane and Maura, played by Angie Harmon then, and hopefully those experiences help inform the relationships that they have. .. her son's tough-love advice not to adopt the insufferable Rusty!.

To stay and be with me so I could love her. I held her when it happened. She was so terrified. For once, I was the strong one. I made her feel protected in that moment. When Casey had surgery, I held her as she cried and put together all the broken pieces he had left behind.

And I sat by and listened as she told me about Agent Dean. How she thought she could move on. And I supported her," Maura confessed. I can't," she forced out around a sob as she shifted once again in her seat.

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I can't talk about her. With anybody," Maura spat, hurt in her eyes as she looked at Amy with a cold, angry stare. Through every stupid, self inflicted danger.

Through every struggle and fight. I keep loving her and doing for her regardless. I can't move on.

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I can't bring myself to tell her how I feel. I'm a coward and a door mat. And when I asked if I could come, she said maybe. I took in every detail of her face. How her eyes are falsely foreboding when they're really flecked with gold and amber and they're so warm and welcoming.

How her mouth curves when she smiles and her dimples appear when she grins. I laid there and I just accepted the fact that if I am even lucky enough to be there, I will just be a guest in the audience, or a bridesmaid at best.

maura and jane relationship counseling

I'll watch her marry Casey and walk away from me forever, and I'll never say anything about it to her. I'll never tell her I love her.

I'll just sit by on the couch like I do now and listen to her tell me all about Casey and I'll smile and nod when she's there and cry after she leaves. Maura felt hurt and empty yet free and whole and like for the first time in two months, things might just be okay.

maura and jane relationship counseling

Don't marry him, marry me? Tell her the truth. How you have felt. You need to tell her before it is too late. What if she wants you, too? I'm pretty positive that ship has sailed. She probably, to an extent, feels she can't have you for financial and socioeconomic reasons as well as strict religious reasons that have been forced into her life. You'll never know until you try.

The day in the morgue was always in the back of her mind and while Maura may have forgiven her Jane had yet to forgive herself. The idea that she may loose control like that again made her keep her hands to herself and the kisses short. Did she long for Maura? The uneasy feeling that she got when she saw the golden haired women was slowly ebbing away.

She didn't exactly trust Maura just yet but she didn't feel like she wanted to throw up when she looked at her anymore. Which was always a plus when you happen to love the woman. This therapy thing though was kind of freaking her out. She knew they needed to talk to someone and would do anything if it meant securing her future with Maura but Jane wasn't the type to talk about things.

maura and jane relationship counseling

She kept it all locked inside until all of a sudden she just burst. She couldn't be that way with Maura though. She took a deep breath and zipped up her suitcase thinking about the therapy session she and Maura had a couple of days before.

Andrews suggested after a long stretch of silence.

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Maura looked at Jane silently asking her if it was okay that she be the one to tell the doctor about their life together so far, Jane gave her a slight nod she hadn't really wanted to tell him anyways.

Though this was her idea she was starting to regret it. He hints that she left him because of the fact that she never got to be with Maura because of who he was. He also tells him that Colin is her half-brother, that their mothers were different and that Colin was raised by his. Before Colin's mother died, she managed to tell him about Paddy and he searched for him when he was With Colin's intelligence, he could have done anything but ended up being more like Paddy, instead.

Paddy then shows Maura his pictures of her, saying that he had always kept an eye on her, but Maura rejects him by saying that she grew up with a different father. She asks him how he could just kill people on command, and he replies that he only hurts people who deserve it, but Maura does not accept the answer. Paddy wants to keep her safe, saying that his enemies will get to her, but she turns the help away. She does, however, accept the phone that he gives her, asking her to call it when they find out who killed Colin so he could keep her safe from them.

Maura opens up to Jane about him, saying that he had a gentleness she was not expecting, and that she doesn't believe that cold-blooded killing was all there was to him, saying that she did not believe she was dangerous, especially to her. Other than that, Maura becomes distressed that she may end up having the evil genes of her father and half-brother.

Despite this, she does not want to help his father find Colin's killer so he can kill for revenge. Jane, on the other hand, thinks Paddy may be dangerous but trusts that he wants to protect Maura. When they find the killer, Jane tries to convince Maura to call Paddy and give him information about the killer that may be out to get Maura.

Eventually though, they find the Colin's killer dead, with a picture of her as a baby with Patrick Doyle pinned to his chest with an ice pick, clearly the message Patrick meant to send to his enemies about staying away from his family.

Personality You wanna know what's truly odd about you? You are the dumbest genius I know. She tends to babble on about the state of the victim, the information being precise and using scientific terms. She also seems unable to help herself from telling those around her the etymology of terms brought up.