Lestat and jesse relationship trust

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lestat and jesse relationship trust

Jessica "Jesse" Miriam Reeves is a fictional character in The Vampire Chronicles universe At the concert in San Francisco Jesse managed to get up on stage, where she threw herself at Lestat. By doing this she got her suspicions confirmed: . The film Lestat loves the film Jesse's humanity. That's all "It is true that the relationship between Lestat and Marius is a father and son relationship;" YES, it is. The Vampire Chronicles Photo: Lestat and Jesse. May HD Wallpaper and Louis has a PHD in ignoring LestatrelationshipLestat de Lioncourt. Mariángel .. shut up and trust me.

As Jesse grew up, she discovered that she could read minds and see ghosts and spirits and she confided this to her aunt. Maharet explained to her that seers of spirits were common with women in the Great Family, and that it was a gift that seemed to come with the attributes of green eyes, pale skin and red hair. She urged Jesse to write her whenever she would be frightened by it. The first time Jesse met Maharet was in her third year at Columbia. Two years later she spent parts of her summer with Maharet and Maelher good friend, in her house in the Sonoma MountainsCalifornia.

During the summer she discovered the history of the Great Family, and spent some of her time looking at old portraits, photographs and reading the history that had been written down. She realized that the Great Family was very old, texts were written in ancient LatinAncient Greek and in Egyptian hieroglyphs.

After some strange events that she could remember only fragments of, including those where Mael began to fall in love with Jesse against Maharet's wishesMaharet and Mael left the compound. Maharet left Jesse a letter telling her how sorry she was that they left so suddenly, that she was afraid they would keep her from doing things she set out to do, and that she had arranged for Jesse to be driven to the airport later that day.

Later Jesse moved to London and worked at the British Museum. During that time she was approached by Aaron Lightner. He showed her a file the Talamasca had on her. Apparently they knew of her ability to see spirits and wanted her to be part of the order. Jesse thought of the Talamasca as a new "Great Family" and found the Talamascan records to be a substitute for the treasures she had lost that summer at the Sonoma house.

Maharet wasn't thrilled to hear that Jesse had joined the Talamasca order, but after Jesse said she would not tell them about the Great Family or the strange things that happened in the Sonoma compound, Maharet couldn't refuse Jesse to join the order if it made her happy. At first Jesse worked in the archives translating Latin texts. Later she worked in the field and was sent to haunted houses all over Europe and the United States. Then she met with David Talbotthe head of the order, who told her that vampires were real, and he sent her to New Orleans.

There she was to investigate and document events from the book Interview with the Vampire that took place. I thought the books hint to homosexuality but do not exactly include it with the vampires.

But the love between the vampire characters in their relationships I believed was just love in its purest, but that I didn't think was too clear.

lestat and jesse relationship trust

It can't be clear as it leaves room for possibilities. So many are so sure of their conclusions to be the only correct ones that I began to suspect if there after all is a certain way they're supposed to be seen. And that would imply I wish to understand what is important about the relationships seeing to the story. I'm gonna offer her reply and my take on it for anyone who's interested.

lestat and jesse relationship trust

Readers should make their own conclusions but this is her image of her vampires and thus the original and truest - her words in quotation marks and in cursive and my take on them after it, so of course the cursive quotations are the her view. The rest is just my conclusion on them and it may or may not make sense. And, even if they had sexual relations, Anne later on says repeatedly that gender and age doesn't matter to her vampires.

So they couldn't be gay anyway. Rather bi or omnisexuals. Which is by the way, one of the reasons why I think her vampire image is so outstanding. Usually vampires are portrayed as highly sexual creatures, who bearly have a heart. Anne pretty much turned that image upside down - or made the sexuality much more finer and elegant - with incredible depth and so made the vampire infinitely more beautiful, fascinating abd luring. Hence, people say "Lestat is gay because he says he loves Louis", while simply feeling love doesn't make a man homosexual.

And, "Lestat clearly states he is attracted to Marius as more than a father.

lestat and jesse relationship trust

All this person would've had to do is read the entire scene with thought and not blindly stare at the sexual terms used. They are "out of nature" once they become vampires, and they can love all people. Others have not seen this at all. I see them as transcending matters of gender or age. There is no distinct difference in the quality of any of these loves. This has also been described as polymorphous sensuality. She does not describe Marius and Armand as "gay lover" but as a "sensualized love affair" as in, I believe sexuality isn't the basic element though an essential part of the love.

And in the end she seems to leave it all up to the reader, saying some gay people have seen them the vampires in general as gay and some have not seen it at all.

Does Lestat and Jesse fall in love?

I'd regard them omnisexual indtead of gay. She said just there; "There is no distinct difference in the quality of any of these loves. I pointed out that there is a distinct difference in the quality of those guys' love for each other seeing to their other loves and asked if there was a reason for this exception other than the fact Lestat's mortal life misery is screaming his yearning for a loving father-figure who he could put all his trust in.

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She kindly replied again. Once they are made vampires, they transcend gender and sexual desire. Their loves have to do with the essence of the person.

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But just in case As I take it, the deeply loving all sorts of people doesn't mean the vampire literally fall in love of any nature with just anyone and everyone they meet. They love humanity but to fall in love of some nature, to create any real essence, takes something significant.

Hence, Lestat could never romantically fall in love with someone like the film's Jesse, which the movie itself clearly proves too, by having no chemistry and no working storyline with them. And in the books Lestat seems to fall in love easily in whatever nature but it seems to take a deep and remarkable personality for him to do so. The film Lestat loves the film Jesse's humanity.

That's all for the love whereas there is much more for hate and he clearly shows that part. So, let's also consider that even though the vampires are about love in it's purest and deepest exsistance - they are not brainless hippies.

Prince Lestat

And the Queen of the Damned film is truly a disgrace to the books, while it is generally taken a fine film independently. And as for transcending sexual desire and gender I think just like the love without sexuality element, the sexual element become pure and free and since they're above sexuality, "out of nature", the sexuality isn't what drives them but love in purest is, and sex may or may not have something to do with it.

Unlike in human nature, which they're out of, sex ususllay drives and love may or may not have something to do with it. Gabrielle and Lestat is a mixed relationship, part mother son, part love affair. Louis and Lestat is a love hate relationship. Claudia and Louis is more a love affair.

Lestat and Claudia a father daughter relationship. So I would say the opening up of possibilities is what is key. The vampire state opens the characters to all different types of loves, but it is always the essence of the character that most determines the nature of the love.

As in, a father-son element can not be seen with a sexual touch without it becoming clearly disturbing and twisted and affecting both characters psychologically, which Marius and Lestat clearly are not. The only way they seem psychologically unusual is in the father-son way; Marius sets a boundrie, Lestat pushes it for the fun of it, Marius scolds him, which is one of the reasons why Lestat psushes the boundires because he enjoys being scolded especially by Marius, who on his behalf enjoys Lestat being a total, hopeless brat - so round and round they go.

Such sweet nutties they are but completely and purely a father and son in heart, whereas the other nature of love they feel for each other is as friends, plus they're relationship include Marius being a teacher about being a vampire, which may be the essence of it or the father-son element but it all boils down to that sexuality and romance has no place in their love.

Whereas, the essence of the following relationships she talks about, is of another nature of love - yet they either, have nothihng to do with sex. Armand feels Marius failed him and Marius feels Armand failed him, and that part has nothing to do with sex. Marius and Pandora, that is a love affair, but again sex has nothing to do with it. So they are all capable of loving people of their own gender and the other gender; gender doesn't matter.

Lestat loves David Talbot as a lover, a friend, a mentor, a father, etc. The act of dominating and drinking blood can happen between any two characters regardless of gender. They cannot be pinned down. They see all life as potentially beautiful and all forms of love as rewarding. In other vampire relationships that she mentioned she said the love in them has nothing to do with sex, which I think makes perfect sense anyway, as I don't remember them doing what Marius and Armand are doing at some point but then again I haven't read all the books yet.

Whereas in Marius and Armand case, she mentones "that part", so she implies that in that relationship there are parts than have to do with sex and obviously there is.