Lelouch and suzaku relationship quizzes

Lelouch and Suzaku: 5 Reasons It's Your Most Frustrating OTP

Code Geass Lelouch and Suzaku Kiss - wallpaper. Takahiro Kimura, Sunrise ( Studio), Lelouch of the Rebellion, Code Geass Illustrations Relation, Lelouch. This issue has been on my mind ever since the beginning of the series. At first, I had expected Suzaku to eventually team up with Lelouch in. Lelouch or Suzaku? personality test from oculo-facial-surgery.info do that put down people who make quizzes the quizzes themselves, just ignore him.

In this way, Suzaku was cursed with living. However, why did Lelouch order Suzaku to live when? Lelouch wanted Suzaku to live because Suzaku meant a lot to Lelouch, even. In truth, Lelouch needs Suzaku in his life, as evidenced by his order. Lelouch is only allowed to use his Geass on a person once, giving only one order that could be wasted.

lelouch and suzaku relationship quizzes

However, even though Lelouch and Suzaku were enemies in this scene, Lelouch used his Geass on Suzaku to instruct him to live. Lelouch sacrificed the one Geass order he could give Suzaku and made it so that Suzaku had to do anything it took to survive. Suzaku was forced to do something for himself, which he had not truly done at all in Code Geass. Lelouch, who used his Geass mainly for his own selfishness, used his Geass for Suzaku, even when Suzaku never thought of himself. From this moment and many moments on, we see that Lelouch truly and undeniably loves Suzaku.

No one could even fathom this ending, but Lelouch had it planned right from the beginning. The most important part of this pivotal moment is that Lelouch decided to leave his plan in the hands of Suzaku. Lelouch never shared his plan with anyone.

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Despite being enemies throughout the entire anime, Lelouch trusted no one else but Suzaku with his plans. Lelouch knew Suzaku would pull through and do what was needed to be done, even if he did not agree entirely with it.

This only shows how strong the relationship between Suzaku and Lelouch is. Lelouch relinquished control, something that he has had throughout both Code Geass and Code Geass R2, and gave it to Suzaku. Now, that is love, is it not?

Lelouch left Suzaku all that was important to him.

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It is a few moments, mere minutes, but we can get so much insight on how Lelouch views Suzaku from them. What scene could convey so much in so little time? Now, that is one beautiful moment! In the end, regardless of their debacles, fights, and misunderstandings, Suzaku and Lelouch are two people who truly love each other.

We see this especially in the end, during the Zero Requiem, when Suzaku, dressed as Zero, stabs Lelouch through with his sword. At this point, not only does the whole game change for characters and viewers alike, but we get to see Suzaku cry. Suzaku weeps for Lelouch. They fought often and were always at odds with each other, but Lelouch and Suzaku truly love each other.

lelouch and suzaku relationship quizzes

Suzaku tried very hard to think of Lelouch only as an enemy, but in the final episode of Code Geass--the Zero Requiem--we get to see how Suzaku truly feels about Lelouch. And Suzaku loves Lelouch enough to cry. Suzaku loves Lelouch enough to mourn his death.

In the face of betrayal from the one he trusted the most, Suzaku shot. Even after the many rejections he faced from Suzaku from early first season episodes and considering the promise they made as children, to Lelouch, these rejections are Suzaku betraying himLelouch trusted Suzaku still—to save him, to take care of Nunnally, to have Suzaku by his side.

And yet, in the end, it was Suzaku that Lelouch trusted to carry on his plans and legacy. C photobombs on the back? Throughout both the first and second season, there were multiple times when, despite their masks and lies to each other at first, then hatred and anger later, Suzaku and Lelouch seem to be able to reconcile.

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There were a bunch of points in both seasons where the audience would think, this is it, they would go back to being friends and face the world together. It even began in the early episodes, where, after he saved Suzaku from being court martialed, Lelouch offered for Suzaku to join his cause, only to be rejected. There were also times when Lelouch tirelessly tried to get Suzaku to his side, clearly unwilling to keep going against Suzaku in his missions.

And even if Lelouch was unable to tell him the truth because of the mounting guilt he bore, Suzaku was able to tell that he was lying. Suzaku, for once, was the one who offered his hand to Lelouch. Zero had to end the war, and if he did, together with Lelouch, Suzaku would save Nunnally.

lelouch and suzaku relationship quizzes

No one would blame you if your first reaction was to shout at your screen and curse at everything—this is why Suzaku and Lelouch are incredibly frustrating. The Zero Requiem After fifty episodes of frustrating relationship dynamics and character developments for Suzaku and Lelouch, one would probably hope for a happy ending.

For Suzaku and Lelouch to forgive each other, and forge their friendship back, stronger than ever.

lelouch and suzaku relationship quizzes

For them to fight on the same side—their abilities are, after all, extremely complementary and worked flawlessly together. And the audience was given that, for the last five episodes. Which, compared to the rest of the series, seem too short-lived, especially with Zero Requiem in the end.

Lelouch as the brain and Suzaku the brawl, Lelouch giving orders as a King and Suzaku carrying his will as the Knight of Zero, protecting Lelouch and his wishes. It should have been the perfect ending.

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But considering Lelouch is making enemies out of the whole world, and Suzaku is supporting him, it was clear from the very beginning to the audience: Lelouch was planning something else. Suzaku, with silent tears the moment his sword pierced Lelouch, accepted the Geass. And on top of fifty episodes of frustration, you have no happy ending! As it was, though, the ending was a proper curtain call to close the stage—a tragedy that worked miracles and renewed the world, just as Lelouch wished it.

No matter how shrewd their relationship was, no matter how much they both hated each other, they still held each other dear. To the very end, Suzaku was the only one Lelouch could trust with such a heavy task.