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Crest of the Stars follows the story of Jinto and Lafiel as they get themselves on the developing relationship between Jinto and Lafiel against the backdrop of an . the bad guy once you understand their stated goal is either the eradication or. He has served under Deca-Commander Abriel Lafiel as a supply officer and following his tour of duty in. Jinto and Lafiel resolve this conflict early, but are soon forced to abandon .. Ekuryua's first confrontation with Jinto on his relationship. "Send me an image recording of this couple," directed Entoryua. . Jinto and Lafiel followed Marca and Undertaker up into the house, with Minh, Bill, and Daswani .. The patrol ship's Hoksath are for one purpose only: war fleet destruction.

Barony of Febdash and Marqueesdom of Sufugnoff Edit Jinto and Lafiel resolve this conflict early, but are soon forced to abandon ship by Lexhue, who knows that Lafiel must complete the mission set out for them, getting Jinto to Lakfakalle.

This attack on the Goslauth would spark a chain of events that would lead to The War between Humans and Abh. The first destination they are made to arrive at is the Barony of Febdash, where acting Baron Febdash Klowal accepts them in with the warmest intentions; to at least Lafiel, and proceeded to begin making things as hospitable as possible for the Princess. However, it seems early on that he and his vassals have no like for the Earl, despite his noble position, simply because he is a Lander.

More specifically the Baron hates Lander males because he descends from one. Jinto is incapacitated and sealed away with the Former Baron Febdash, who is a human male. This leads to an elaborate internal rebellion between Febdash and his 50 vassals between Jinto and Lafiel, who is furious that both Jinto has been taken prisoner and that the Baron is stalling her mission. He is hence killed in action and left to drift indefinitely in space.

Jinto endures this first imprisonment and near-death experiences here. Order is soon restored and the mission resumes with an eminent Mankind fleet near Febdash at Sufugnoff. Jinto and Lafiel in their disguises while behind enemy lines at Sufugnoff. Once they arrive at Sufugnoff they make contact with the Star Force communication base in orbit of the planet.

They are told they cannot land and must suspend contact. It cannot be revealed to the enemy already present in the system who is currently just within the grasp of the United Mankind. They spend some time orbiting Sufugnoff before engaged by three heavy patrol craft.

Lafiel piloting the ship has no choice but make planetfall on the planet. Abandoning their communications ship they proceed on foot on familiar terms of the count. Behind enemy lines, Jinto now must lead Lafiel and himself to a safe location and a location that can provide enough food and cover to prevent capture if any help happens to arrive.

Only Lafiel knew where they were relative to Abh positions, so Jinto was preparing for worst case scenario, which is permanent exile behind enemy lines.

They manage to sneak into Lune Vega City where they reside for perhaps no more than a few hours before being discovered by the enemy. This is due to the trouble that he and Lafiel had no choice in stirring up since two Landers attempted to mug them, though Lafiel dispatched them with her ability in hand-weapons.

When Jinto and Lafiel were discovered, Jinto valiantly attempted to defend himself and Lafiel after the Anti-Imperial Landers broke in, but it was once again left to Lafiel to defend herself and Jinto.

He knows what they would need to survive, and Lafiel knows what needs to be carried out in tense situations. Even though this experience started with Jinto being entirely green as in terms of being an infantryman, after the pursuit against the United Mankind he became just as able marksman as Lafiel was.

It also marks the only instance that Jinto was wounded in action. Spoor makes fun of how Jinto managed to convince Lafiel in dressing so shabby, and also perhaps honestly comments him on his brilliance. It maybe that following Sufugnoff she believes that Jinto has an invaluable knowledge of how to survive which even overrode the knowledge of the Princess.

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Skaresh and the Academy Edit Jinto on duty on board Basiroil. Jinto and Lafiel were recovered in time to be returned to a besieged Lakfakalle. It was during the Battle of Skaresh they learned of the state of affairsbetween the Abh and the rest of the Galaxy in earnest. They did receive news on Sufugnoff but it was heavily biased by UM reports. Jinto also learned of the occupation of his homeworld Martine and the execution of his father Rock Linn.

He seemed not too greatly concerned about it any longer and he wondered if he had really lost his home or was beginning to find a new one. Additionally he was wondering how his old friend Teal had changed to order such a thing done.

Regardless it was at this time he had his title officially given to him; Count Hyde Jinto Linn. Jinto and Lafiel both went to military academies and were seemingly apart for 3 years. Jinto trained in becoming a logistics and supply officer while Lafiel really had no choice but to train to become a field-commander or a ship captain.

Edit Jinto at Aptic's Surrender. The now Count Hyde and Princess Lafiel were both preparing to be assigned their battle groups during the process of Phantom Flame.

That is, the main couple's actions never feel as if they mean anything, in any regard. Whether it's fighting their way out of a Baron's domain or hijacking a vehicle to make it to the nearest city, their mark on everything that is going on around them is significantly smaller.

Now, the purpose of placing so much emphasis on the two makes sense; the idea is to establish, explore, and eventually enact the relationship between Jinto and Lafiel. And while their relationship was done nicely, the events around them were not.

Crest of the Stars also misaligned itself in regard to its overall focus. Here, the show at first plays with the idea of our characters being "birds trapped in cages. Despite winning the hierarchical lottery, what the anime depicts are two young adults struggling to deal with a universe that looks at them for what they are, as opposed to who they are.

And that's vastly interesting The show goes from showcasing Lafiel's interracial distance and Jinto's unfair discrimination to more action-oriented scenes and having Jinto "find his place. The battleships, the star systems, the surface of planets; there are a multitude of different areas that are explored, each providing an appropriate mood for the given situation.

The inside of the ships match the blue-hair of the Abh; outer space is dotted with stations and stars; and amusement parks, city streets, and forests are interspersed throughout the planets.

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At times, though, the anime uses this strange filter to give the effect of light or brightness that deters from the visuals rather than supports them. The character designs follow a similar trend. The Abh are beautiful and regal, with their pale skin, sharp eyes, and distinctly blue hair. Lafiel fits this description, but always sporting her military outfit.

Unless, of course, the situation demands a change. Jinto dons similar attire, with a white-and-red cloak, brown, parted hair, and various costume changes when appropriate. The largest issue comes from their often irregularly shaped heads and jaws. It can, like the filtering, be wholly distracting.

Actual animation is normally average to above-average. While there is a lot of talking and sitting -- at dinner tables, in a shuttle, or within a strategy room -- characters are usually moving or reacting to the words and sentences being said. Furthermore, the aforementioned battles demonstrate their prowess, with huge explosions, lasers, missiles, cruisers, and gunfire going off at all times. Jinto the Terran and Lafiel the Abh. As a descendant of the Abh, and especially of the royal family line, Lafiel finds herself in a precarious position.

Direct yet respectful, she can normally be quite ignorant of the emotions and customs of non-Abh people. This is easily attributed to her race; they are taught to "move forward" when making decisions, are usually apathetic towards other species, and keep themselves away from non-Abh prevalent areas. But due to her logical reasoning and knowledge of the rest of the galaxy, she is able to support Jinto through the first half of their perilous adventure.

And while she finds that completing one's mission is admirable, she wishes she could do more. That is, she looks at herself as being "useless" in the grand scheme of things. The attack on Gosroth, fleeing from ships encircling the planet of Sufugnoff, getting exhausted from an absurd amount of running; despite demonstrating her prowess as a capable woman and an amazing friend, she still believes herself to be bringing those around her down, or at the minimum, not contributing enough to the efforts at hand.

However, Jinto believes otherwise. Jinto was born and raised, for a time, as human. However, following a betrayal by his father towards their home planet, Jinto technically became a nobleman in the Humankind Abh Empire. Extremely caring to those around him and rather witty, he often finds himself being "useless" as well. More so than anything else, he feels useless alongside Lafiel.

Not being able to console her during times of grief, taken hostage, unable to man spacecraft; he's described as nothing more than a "commodity" that needs to be transported from one area to the next. But he moves from being the helped to the helper come the second half of the anime. This movement, where the roles are switched between Jinto and Lafiel, also occurs with a shift in location.

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They go from Abh-controlled territory to United Mankind dominion, and subsequently Jinto becomes the leader. And after having been the one in reliance and the one relied upon, he discovers that everyone goes through what he has. That people hold "strengths and weaknesses," that everyone is a "bird in a cage. It makes no difference, for when one's weaknesses are at play, he or she must lean on someone's strengths.

In other words, someone else will bring the key, open that birdcage door, and set that bird free. Looking at both Jinto and Lafiel, both here and within the anime, it becomes evident: In short, they learn from each other over the course of the show.

Jinto realizes the difference between killing and protecting, and that there are times when one has to face danger head on.

For Lafiel, she comes to understand that the logical choice isn't always the correct path; sometimes you have to do what's right instead of what's right. Beyond learning from each other, they learn about each other, too. Their various customs, lore, and upbringings allow them to connect with one another more so than with anyone else they have known their entire lives.