Kurapika and leorio relationship

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kurapika and leorio relationship

It could be seen that his closest relationship in the group is with Kurapika because they In Zaban City, following Gon, Kurapika and Leorio head for a tree on a. Kurapika doesn't have much rivals for Leorio, but how about the other way around? As far as But do know that gay relationships are pretty rampant in Japan. At the starting site of the first phase, a large tunnel, Kurapika, Leorio and Gon see .. He reveals the secrets of his Nen abilities and his connection with Hisoka to.

Hisoka even does one of his most intense "schwing" moments mid-air and retains it while on the ground even as he's surrounded by Chrollo's living puppets. Hisoka also shows a rare intensely blood-lusted face from Chrollo's show of power and cunning. Oddly enough during the deathmatch with Hisoka, Chrollo offers to call off the match if Hisoka wanted, but would give it his all if Hisoka wanted to continue.

Not In-Character, but the song "Song of Promise" or "Yakusoku no Uta", both Killua and Gon sing the respective parts, but on the other side Hisoka's and Chrollo's voice actors sing the parts as well together. There is also a lot of official art of them posing with each other, from games as well as a calendar.

They spend much of the Whale Island arc sharing their feelings and promising never to be apart, and then there's the theme tune lyrics: At the end of the Greed Island arc, Gon says the absolute first thing he's going to do when he sees his father for the first time is introduce him to Killua as proof of their connection - a plan that causes Killua to blush and look away. As of the latest chapter, Killua's had a complete breakdown in the middle of a life-threatening fight.

Not to mention Killua stalking Gon and Palm on their date to make sure Gon wasn't attacked by any rogue ants sure Especially notable during the time when Gon was depowered and they were near a village with a risk of being attacked by ants, where Killua thinks that if ants were to attack, first priority would be to protect Gon even if it meant letting everyone else die. Killua and Gon have a lot of this together, especially coming from Killua's side.

The only thing that really seems to be keeping it firmly in the realm of "subtext so thick you could cut blocks of it out of the air with a knife and sell it as cheap building material" is the fact that they're both twelve, and neither of them seem to have hit puberty yet. In Chapter Hisoka also says that Gon is Killua's "most beloved" and the "spent most time with".

In Chapter Killua thinks "Gon In some Hunter x Hunter R radio dramas, such as Sarracenia no Yoru and Hunter in Wonderland both voiced by anime actorsKillua is pretty much the damsel in distress of the group. Gon is never hesitant to risk his life to save Killua in these situations.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

In canon verse itself, the whole Zoldyeck family arc can be interpreted as Gon wants to free Killua from his crazy-manipulative family. After hearing Gon and the others laughing at him being called "monster" by Killua, Silva appears and challenges Gon to knock him down, while Silva himself promises he won't do any harm to Gon.

If Gon fails, he must give up his intention to take Killua out of Zoldyeck's Manor. Gon, not amused by the idea of friend-being-tested again, hits Silva with all his might. Silva doesn't not budge a bit, but he appreciates Gon's effort. Silva then respectfully asks Gon and the others to take care of his son, announcingng his approval. Still in Nightmare of Zoldyeck, when Killua realizes his head is planted by Illumi's needle which can turn him to a killing machine at any time, Kurapika says that this situation is just like some story he has read before.

A story about how a girl loves his boyfriend deeply, but after receiving a mysterious call, she ends up killing him unconsciously. In the "Hunterpedia" chibi segments, on the whiteboard, there is an Ai Ai Gasa with their names under it; this is the equivalent to the US carving your name and your significant other's name into a tree in Japan. Also in the "Hunterpedia" chibi segments, while talking about Baise and her Nen attack "Instant Lovers", Killua kisses Gon as a demonstration of the move, making Gon fall in love with him with hearts in his eyes and tries to kiss Killua.

In the Greed Island Tutorial chibi segments, Gon seems to be jealous of Killua's crush on Gold Dust Girl, as Killua made him use a Transform on a card to make one and Gon's voice was clearly one of displeasure. Another one of those segments throws all subtlety that was still left out of the window: Today, we introduce the card Blackout Curtain.

With this card, other players can't see what's inside your binder. Madhouse themselves seem to ship the two, as they add additional scenes just to show more Ship Tease between the two, such as the scene where Killua pushes Gon out of the way of Kite's bullets and Killua ends up straddling Gon in a protective fashion.

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And then there's the fourth ending, Nagareboshi Kirari. It focuses heavily on Gon and Killua set to an Award-Bait Songwith imagery that can be interpreted both platonically and romantically; for example, we have Gon along with flashes to Kite and Ging, while Killua is shown along with flashes to him and Gon in Whale Island and Gon crying; we also see Gon and Killua watching the sunrise together.

And then there's the lyrics. There's also the moment when Shura, the last surviving descendant of Shadow, tries to convince Kurapika to join him as an On user by whispering seductively in his ear. The way the shot is framed, there's a split second where he seems to go in for a kiss.

that doesn’t look like rock paper scissors

And then Leorio comes to Kurapika's aid, which ends in Kurapika taking a bullet for him. Killua has a habit of staring at Gon and blushing whenever Gon compliments him or is generally sweet to him; which some fans take as Crush Blush. Killua's Tsundere nature comes out mostly when around Gon, he usually shows his deredere side to Gon, but whenever Gon compliments him or is sweet to him, Killua's tsuntsun comes out.

The first thing I'm gonna do when I meet Ging is introduce him to Killua, my best friend in the world. Kurapika and Leorio bicker like a married couple ever since they met and even talked to each other. It goes that far back.

kurapika and leorio relationship

In the anime, they share the same room for at least an episode, and there's instant tension between the two. In the same episode, Leorio goes off to find Kurapika when he burns the Kurata ship. He even outright states that he was concerned for Kurapika. Also in an anime-only episode, Leorio is supposedly lost at sea, and Kurapika is terribly shaken and tries to hold off the operation they were doing just to buy time for Leorio, and eventually Gon, to get back on the ship.

Then there's the more nicer moments where they agree on things, such as the nice phone call talk at the end of the first anime. Even more noticeably, they talk with each other more often than to the other two in the group. The Radio Dramas have Leorio and Kurapika hitting it in a restaurant and speaking in "moody" voices. When Leorio relents and tells Kurapika its okay to stick to his ideals rather than kill Majitani, Kurapika says his name affectionately.

kurapika and leorio relationship

In the Nightmare of the Zaoldyecks musical, Leorio seems a little too eager to get naked in the hotsprings with Kurapika. In The Last Mission Kurapika gets infected with On and Leorio spends the rest of the movie speaking encouragement into his ear while he's unconscious.

kurapika and leorio relationship

When Kurapika wakes up he admits he could hear everything Leorio was saying and that he appreciated it, though he felt some of the lines were rather cheesy. Kurapika and Chrollo actually have a surprisingly large fanbase. And right after seeing him this way he apologizes to him and Leorio does the same and takes back what he said and Leorio does so in return.

kurapika and leorio relationship

Which carries on to the next phase of the test and how Kurapika sees his character as they travel. When faces the magical beasts, he knew that the one that appeared before him was not Leorio. And he said he would hit him if he did cause he thought of him to be better than that. And the fact that he was running so he know that Leorio fighting for something more than money.

Kurapika even tells him about the scarlet eyes to get him to tell the truth. In other words he believes in his good character which of course proves to be right.

kurapika and leorio relationship

After finding out that Leorio wants to be a hunter in order to become a doctor, Kurapika sticks with him. Originally posted by motherly-friend-to-the-rescue This does take an affect on Leorio where in return he shows the same concern for Kurapika.

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As I said in the beginning Leorio did start off as arrogant… but the one who humbled him down was none other than Kurapika.