Kiritsugu and maiya relationship quiz

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kiritsugu and maiya relationship quiz

They share a sexual relationship that contains no real emotions. After the death of Lord El-Melloi, Maiya joins Irisviel and Saber at Kiritsugu's new stronghold. But anyways, here are my thoughts on the character Kiritsugu Emiya. as he had sexual relations with both Irisviel and Maiya (although he. As an orphan of war, she was taken in at an early age by Emiya Kiritsugu and as Kiritsugu's partner in his missions, and has a physical relationship with him.

He had grown tired of the cuisine. This fast food, filled with the sense of slaughter, was more suited to his tastes. Like a hibernating bear, Tokiomi had closed his doors with an unfathomable silence and not left ever since the defeat of Assassin. She was probably the one controlling Lancer now. Was she temporarily taking on the responsibilities of a Master through the Book of the False Attendant, or had she seized the Command Seals and formed a new contract with Lancer?

For now, he would have to consider whether or not to attack Sola. Caster — the night before, more children had gone missing from the city. It would appear he did not care about the warrant for his arrest issued by the authorities, and he was still continuing his inhuman acts without restraint.

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Rider — no clues at all. Being that he constantly moves with his Master in his flying Noble Phantasm, tracking them would be difficult. Appears to be openhearted and forthright, a formidable enemy without flaws.

kiritsugu and maiya relationship quiz

Regarding Rider and Archer… Maiya had awakened some time back, in the Einzbern Castle, and she had relayed the majority of information from Irisviel by telephone. It seemed that things had progressed in an unexpected direction, so Rider, left with no other choice, had to use his Noble Phantasm to wipe out Assassin. But what Kiritsugu cared about more was the fate of Assassin. Assassin was a Servant that could multiply indefinitely, but what did it mean? The troop of Assassins that had attacked the Einzbern castle last night must have been their entire combat force.

Otherwise they could not have been able to present strength in numbers, being individually weak in combat. This was totally different from the prior farce at the Tosaka mansion; this time, it would be safe to consider Servant Assassin to be completely eradicated. Then — what about their Master?

Kiritsugu sighed deeply, lighting his first cigarette for the day. In the end, he still felt apprehensive about this. But after that, Kotomine Kirei had taken many actions that Kiritsugu was unable to understand. Kotomine Kirei, hiding in ambush at the construction site of the central building, during the attack on Kayneth at the Fuyuki Hyatt Hotel — Kotomine Kirei, sneaking into the Einzbern castle from the opposite direction during its siege — No matter how you looked at those events, they only made sense if you considered that Emiya Kiritsugu was his target.

First, he used the ruse of pretending to withdraw from the War, then fleeing to Fuyuki Church to request protection while dispatching large numbers of his Assassins as spies. To make this tactic even more perfect, Kirei should have continued hiding in the Fuyuki Church during this time, without setting foot outdoors.

But his current actions have completely exposed himself. Kiritsugu, originally hiding under the cover of Irisviel and Saber, had only been exposed during the confrontation with Lord El-Melloi, so nobody should have known his true identity up to the day before yesterday. That aside, from the overall perspective of the war, what was the point of targeting Kiritsugu? It was possible that this could be due to an entirely illogical personal grudge, but that probability was very low.

There were no friends or relations to Kotomine Kirei amongst the magi whom Kiritsugu had assassinated, or even in the people around them who had been sacrificed. He will not withdraw even after losing his Servant.

Kiritsugu exhaled a mouthful of hazy cigarette smoke with an exasperated sigh as he continued thinking. He could only feel waves of dread whenever he thought of Kotomine Kirei, as though he were imprisoned in bottomless darkness. But now there is Kotomine, an enemy whom he cannot begin to understand on a superficial or intrinsic level. This is his greatest threat. And before this powerful enemy, Kiritsugu was now all but helpless. It was as though he had a tracker who could read through his mind and deduce all his actions.

This time, Kiritsugu is not the hunter, but the hunted. The more he thought about the problem that was Kotomine Kirei, the further away from him his answer became. All he could do was become more frustrated. What exactly was the point of this search-and-destroy operation? It looked as though he would have to continue operating with the risk of suffering a surprise attack at any time. Kiritsugu had rented a garage in the nearby town, and hidden a modified oil tanker inside it which could be remote-controlled over long distances.

Now, in front of him, there were still many enemies which took priority in terms of elimination. From that point of view, Kotomine Kirei was only a defeated Master.

Even if the reason he was attacking Kiritsugu was unknown, it would be unwise to be too absorbed with him and neglect the overall battle. This state of being impatient and frustration irritated him.

It was probably a sign that his judgement was beginning to dull. He would need to rest and start over. It had been over seventy hours since he last slept. Though he did not feel tired under the influence of amphetamines, his fatigue was still accumulating, and as a result his focus and overall condition were both deteriorating. There was still some time before he would have to meet Maiya today; he should use it to get some rest. After going to the bathroom, Kiritsugu lay down on the bed and used a self-hypnosis spell to disperse his consciousness.

This was a crude way of eliminating mental stress, via the disintegration and cleansing of the psyche.

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This self-hypnosis was not a high-level form of thaumaturgy, but the dispersion would cause a lack and dislocation of self-consciousness, so few people were willing to use it. But to Emiya Kiritsugu, it was the most efficient, and thus the best form of rest, and so he used this method frequently.

The scattered consciousness would be restored after about two hours, and the hypnotized person would wake up. Until then, the body of the hypnotized person would be like unto a corpse in terms of unconsciousness — but it should be safe to use it at this hidden place. Kiritsugu, relaxed after dispelling the image of his enemy from his mind, fell into a deep sleep.

Facing the rising sun, the streets outside the window began a new day.

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Under normal circumstances, when a person wears a smile he often will infect the people around him, easing the surrounding atmosphere, but by coincidence Kirei was of a personality that was not the sort to like seeing other people smiling; moreover, the smile of the King of Heroes in front of him could only be associated with some unsettling things.

Because I have found something else of interest. Did you not once scoff that this earth has only forgery and ugliness? But, on the other hand I am interested in watching, until the end, the final outcome of this Heaven's Feel. But Kirei also saw a part of the process, and now in recollection— could it be because of Rider?

Or because of the question-and-answer with Saber? People who are not constrained by their own humble strength, and so are ambitious. Every time when meeting an opponent like this I will be very happy.

The case in which the person has too low a caliber; and the case in which he has too great a wish. The former, not unusual one is very foolish, but the latter is of a difficult-to-obtain, rare species. Though born human, but yet visionary of ideals so great that they are impossible to attain with human strength, and so abandon their status as a human to realize this one ideal—no matter how many times I see it I do not grow tired of it, the sorrow and despair of this sort of person.

No matter how he appeared bold, this Heroic Spirit was completely unable to leave anyone with an impression of even slight avarice. Perhaps this was also his style of being a king. I have finally been released from a heavy burden.

During the battle last night at the Einzbern castle, his Servant-Assassin had been completely eradicated. Kirei had completely forfeited his rights as a Master.

kiritsugu and maiya relationship quiz

Though it looked as if there had not been any change, but exactly as he had himself said, only now had he truly been released from the responsibilities and obligations of being a Master. Kirei's temporary residence at the Church could finally be considered completely justified. Those existences that are after all the physical manifestations of magic, will most likely not disappear into thin air just like that, will they? The Command Seals themselves are things that the Grail bestows.

People who have lost their eligibility as a Master because of the loss of their Servant, their Command Seals should be reclaimed back by the Grail.

Yet, if there appears a Servant whose contract has been lifted because of the loss of his Master, the Grail will then redistribute the unused Command Seals it had previously reclaimed to new contractors.

Though he felt that Gilgamesh's question was to some degree somewhat abnormal, Kirei still continued to explain further. But to be one of the candidates chosen by the Grail, is not something that can be casually decided. So during the search for new Masters, the Grail will still prioritize the consideration of those people, possible Masters, that had been previously chosen.

In particular, the Masters of the '3 families of the beginning' are even more special. Even having lost their Servant, as long as in that period of time exist other Servants who have not yet formed contracts, they can, under a circumstance of not losing Command Seals, continue to exercise their authority as a Master.

It seems that several similar things have happened in the past. When there appear openings for other Masters, they will have a very great chance of once again obtaining 'leftover' Command Seals. Precisely because of this, the methods that participants of the Heaven's Feel use against enemy Masters are not to cause them to lose their combat effectiveness, but to directly kill them.

This is also a measure to ensure that there will not be trouble from them in the future. Assassin's investigation has been completely finished, Tokiomi-shi has already developed a sure-win strategy against all the Masters and their Servants. Now there is completely no need for me to appear again.

kiritsugu and maiya relationship quiz

That guy does not have the ability to obtain the Holy Grail at all. Tokiomi faces me with the manner of a subject to his king, at the same time offering prana as tribute. It is because of this sort of contract that I agreed to obey his summon. Do not liken me to the other Servant lackeys. If Gilgamesh knew the true objective of this Heaven's Feel Of course, if it truly reached that time, Tokiomi, possessing Command Seals, would certainly acquire an overwhelming advantage. The one who attacks last and deals the decisive blow— Archer, it should be you.

Now you do not have the time to slowly and leisurely sample wine. During this period of time I can only look for something else to do, to kill boredom— Kirei, did you say just a moment ago that Assassin had already completed all his assignments? So to satisfy Gilgamesh's curiosity, Kirei had also ordered Assassin to keep watch.

I should have let Assassin personally report yesterday night. Kirei, this sort of thing is only meaningful information when you say it. The Master of Lancer and the Master of Rider had no particular wish of the Grail, and participated in this war in pursuit of victory only for the honor of magi. As for the Master of Caster, he did not even know what the Holy Grail was.

He was the one of the five enemy Masters whose motive was the most basely ordinary. Assassin, up till being accidentally exterminated the previous night, had not found any information related to Emiya Kiritsugu. Only that that man seemed almost as if he had seen through to that Assassin being killed by Archer was a fraud, until the end thoroughly concealing his own secrets.

It could only be said that to be able to do this under surveillance as strict as Assassin was truly worthy of appreciation.

In comparison with the other Masters only he was a special existence. As it looked now, there were still many points of doubt. But Archer seemed to not have seen through to what Kirei was thinking in his heart, only barely interestedly listening to his report. None of them have any creative thought processes at all. Thinking of seizing my treasure only for some silly reasons… they're all thieving pests who should be executed directly without need for negotiation. It looks as if I have suffered for nothing.

The efforts of you and the Assassins have produced great results, have they not? Never mind, it is excusable that you do not understand. Because you are a man who can only see what he cares about. Just like those beasts who chase the scent of blood.

This type of feeling in their hearts will manifest instinctively in their words and actions. When you, through yourself, again recount all that you have heard, seen, and understood, you have already amply shown your inner thoughts. That which your words describe in greatest detail, is also that which you are most interested in. In other words, observing a person's words and actions, is the best way of understanding his interests. Toys like humans, stories like life; there is truly no more meaningful way of entertainment.

He had originally thought that this was only the King of Heroes' meaningless amusement. But it looked as if his judgment had lapsed; the other party was using this method to probe his innermost thoughts. This sort of subconscious concern is but only a sort of stubbornness. Now what I want to talk about is the person you unintentionally noticed. Then, speaking of this, of the remaining four Masters, who is it then that you paid most attention to?

At this point, it would be best to end this topic as soon as possible. Regarding Kirei's indecision, Archer seemed to feel satisfied, smilingly drinking a mouthful of red wine, then continuing to say.

Kirei, your report of this man was truly extremely detailed. Because his matters are relatively complicated. So the parts that require specific explanation are naturally more numerous. Because you are more concerned about this man's matters, you gave Assassin the order to 'thoroughly investigate these complicated matters'.

An order you gave under circumstances even you were not aware of, purely based on interest. Not only did this person bear a strong hatred for Tokiomi, Berserker as his Servant also had the mysterious ability of being able to seize others' Noble Phantasms, considerably the arch-nemesis of Archer.

But in consideration of threat level— Kariya and Berserker would definitely not be first in line. The Master and Mad Enhanced Servant, hastily prepared, that came forth to the war.

They will probably be, of these five enemy groups, the quickest to be eradicated. There was not even need for use of some scheme; merely dragging out the battle into a protracted war would be enough.

As long as let be, he would be his own death. So to some extent, he should probably be considered an opponent extremely easily dealt with.

Against such an opponent, still investigating the situation with such detail——taking a step back, it truly appeared somewhat insensible. I admit it, this was a lapse in my judgment. From a long-term perspective, he cannot become a threat, is not worthy of attention. I have given him too high an appraisal, and only thus have to Archer— you, explained too much.

What will happen at that time, have you thought about it? Not considering his chances of winning, in the event that he was in the end victorious over Tokiomi and furthermore obtained the Grail— at that time, what will Kariya face? It did not even require thought; it must be his own darkness.

Originally for the sake of helping Aoi reclaim her daughter, but now to claim the life of Aoi's husband. He still seemed unaware this contradiction. No, rather than to say he is unaware, once might say he is, because of the jealousy and selfishness of his heart, intentionally deceiving himself and hiding this feeling.

Archer, from one side watching Kirei silently thinking, smiled and said. Did you realize the true significance of my asking you this question? What do you mean? Did his previous thought process have any areas of inadequacy I've told you so many times that I don't have the intention of poking fun at you. Think about it, why did Kirei Kotomine all along not discover the complete meaninglessness of this question? Do you not feel that this matter in itself is worthy of consideration?

So Kirei just gave up thinking, resting his entire body against the chair and saying. But with Kariya it is different. You did not believe this to be a pointless question, instead interestedly immersing yourself in this sort of hypothetical thinking. Completely uncaring that one is doing something so futile. This precisely is authentic 'interest'. Congratulations, Kirei, you can finally understand what is 'entertainment'. You speak of pleasure?

The longer his life, the heavier the suffering and lamentation accumulates on his body. To him, an earlier death would instead be a sort of salvation.

So-called pleasure does not take any particular form; it is precisely because you do not understand this that you are confused. But, that is the spirit of a sinner.

An evil which must be punished. Especially you will not be on this path of faith I, Kotomine Kirei, live on! Heh, you do make fallacious arguments. You've become a really interesting man. Though the reason was unknown, but this feeling Kirei had truly once felt.

kiritsugu and maiya relationship quiz

The same painful and strange feeling as now-- Kirei had felt it three years ago. At that time, it had been the back of his left hand. That was also when everything had started. The pain was gradually replaced by waves of burning. Kirei stopped thinking out of surprise, only unconsciously rolling up his sleeve and checking his wrist.

On the back of his left hand, had suddenly appeared the holy marks of fate. The remaining Command Seals, the symbol of which part had vanished after having been used once against Assassin, had reappeared in their original size.

But this is truly too soon. The numb feeling brought about by the intense pain proved that these were authentic holy marks, but even thus, Kirei nevertheless was temporarily unable to regain his senses, stunned and unable to say a word. This is completely impossible. At this point all the Masters were still alive. And not one Servant had had their contracts terminated.

Being again granted Command Seals under these conditions — this sort of thing was unprecedented. And in addition, Kirei did not belong to the '3 families of the beginning'. That the Holy Grail would grant him, one who has withdrawn, with the same holy marks—what hopes did it have of him?

This was truly a completely incomprehensible, abnormal situation. No matter what, you must have a reason to wish to obtain the Grail.

Yes — that was depicted in the illustrations of the Bible, the expression of the snake of Eden. Thinking will not bring you the answer. It is precisely this sort of thought, chained by ethics, that has distorted your knowledge.

kiritsugu and maiya relationship quiz

What I Like Her charismatic charm that Kiritsugu does not deserve. Much better than Aoi Tohsaka in all areas. Irisviel Von Einzbern is a homunculus created for one single purpose that is similar to her ancestors, the original Einzbern who also created the Holy Grail with her body. Irisviel is best represented unfortunately by being compared to as a tool, she only has a certain height towards her life, and thus after the Fourth Holy Grail War, she is not supposed to survive.

To the full extent Irisviel throughout Fate Zero displayed no anger that was lashed out but only sadness. I view this as the passion that she holds in her heart and the wanting of what she truly desires.

I say this with sadness but Irisviel was just an innocent mother in the Fourth Holy Grail War since everyone around her, the opposing masters were dangerously capable of killing her with one blow. Irisviel meets two women who her husband also gets along with, those two being Maiya and Saber.

With Saber, Irisviel really lets the youth spring out of her and really gets to express that hidden desire of what we all want to have. Just to relax with someone else and not give a care in the world.