Ken stabler and rose molly burch relationship

Ken Stabler's daughter rejects standing of QB's ex-wife -

ken stabler and rose molly burch relationship

Former Oakland Raiders QB Ken Stabler watches the Raiders taker the field His third marriage was to the former Rose Molly Burch from to , "She had no relationship with Kenny, they broke up years before the. That was the response of Jeff Deen, Rose Burch Stabler's attorney whom she is article on titled Kenny Stabler's Ex-Wife Sues Lawyer in you navigate the attorney/client relationship and level the playing field. Meet Raiders Legend Ken Stabler's daughters Kendra, Alexa and Marissa Stabler. third wife was Rose Molly Burch –a former Miss Alabama Universe. She is an authentic relationship-builder, big-picture thinker and.

So maybe this blog is about venting at times, reminiscing at times, but most importantly it is about defending innocent people and exposing a bully who beats up on those who cannot defend themselves for one reason or another.

ken stabler and rose molly burch relationship

When death comes knocking at your door and you lose the people you care so deeply for, it is impossible not to try and defend them from their critics. Lately that has been difficult and at times has been tough.

Today this blog will cover some pretty harsh stuff, offend some people and I know I am opening a can of worms… but if you look at the big picture it will make sense to some, others are entitled to their opinions and you know the quote about opinions.

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I want this blog to be about a great love story. The problem is this great love story has some very crappy chapters and characters. He was a man with flaws and conflicts all his own, none meant to hurt or effect anyone else. So here is the first blog and more will come that will be much more positive, I hope. But today we clean out the closet!

Kenny and I met back in in a professional setting. We shook hands, went about the business of the business and said hello and goodbye. I can best describe our meeting as the 4th of July, New Years Eve and Super Bowl colliding and making for one heck of a good time.

The best way to describe our personal lots in life at the moment, would be that I was coming out of a horrible marriage and he was stuck in one. What began as a fun-filled evening that carried on until dawn was the most passionate experience I have ever had in my life. It turned into a life-altering era of time for both of us. He used to say we were like gasoline and a match… we ignited and it was hot, magical, passionate and it sustained the duration of nearly two decades.

We definitely were great lovers, but better in that we became the greatest of friends. A battery mate is a soldiers partner in war… and we were partners in war and peace and every other situation that came our way. We stuck it out, thick or thin… did not matter. We were in it and happy to be there. He was living apart from his ex-wife in his historic home in downtown Mobile, Alabama. He day-tripped over to Ono Island, which was their last family home together.

Every morning at 4: I often wondered why their Mother did not do any of that as most traditional Mothers do, but it was clear he coveted the job of Mr. Mom and was an ace at that, just as he was a champion on the field.

He forthrightly told me that the marriage was a facade and he had toyed with a divorce but had not had the impetus to move forward as he loved his daughters and tried to protect them from the eventual watershed.

InKen was long past the days of glory he had earned in the NFL. He had just lost his beloved Mother, Sally and he had little peace in his life. In the fall of a positive turn came for him. He loved being back around the excitement and tradition of Alabama football and he was happy to be exposing his young daughters to his Alma Mater.

ken stabler and rose molly burch relationship

We had found peace and happiness in each other and we were both better than we had been for many years. Of course, there was the task of him getting a divorce for the 3rd time and he knew it was going to be a battle. He warned me there was a lot of baggage and it would come at a price. I would not be sharing the personal aspects of this very private relationship if it were not for the antics of his ex-wife, Rose Molly Burch Stabler.

This is not about being spiteful. She is mean-spirited and is dangerous.

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From hate filled calls, embarrassing comments both publicly and private and flat out blatant lies on top of lies thrown at Kenny. It was psychological warfare and she was very good and relentless. She still carries on to this day.

The attack she has waged in the media and on social media has brought us here. She was hired by a talent agent in New Orleans. She came and did her job and I had very little interaction with her. Our make-up artist and stylist, who was a very close friend of mine, befriended her and hung out with her some in New Orleans.

ken stabler and rose molly burch relationship

I was not there so this is just second hand information, oddly, that second hand information is legendary around the Gulf Coast area when she is mentioned ; The former West Point Cadet 1 yearBeauty Pageant Queen and weather girl had quite the reputation for being a party girl.

She has progressed to be a very litigious, malicious, vicious and delusional person. She relentlessly harassed Ken with phone calls, emails and when text became a new form of communication she used that to endless bounds. The messages would come over and over.

Ken Stabler

She actually texted his phone the week after his death with some crazy note, all the while knowing that his phone was sitting in our home on my nightstand. She berated Kenny for years with blatant lies and outrageous tales. Upon the suggestion of his attorneys and the multiple attempts to stop the harassment, he recorded and archived those messages; hundreds of them. They did not see each other over the last 17 years but a handful of times. Unfortunately and eventually he had to clear the vicious messages, threats, accusations and insanity of her ever erratic behavior.

She verbally attacked him, at times her own children, every attorney that represented Ken and often her own attorneys, nor were the Judges or judicial system ignored. She was like a typhoon constantly wreaking havoc and leaving a trail of destruction. She taunted with outrageous and fabricated lie upon lie and I watched Ken bite his tongue and just suck it up.

He was definitely the bigger person, he never spoke a bad word publicly about her like many a man under those circumstances would have. He always said her actions gave her away which is painfully true but at a very high price to all around her. He always considered his daughters first and took the high road and did his best to ignore the constant bs.

She stalked him, she stalked us, she harassed him and she harassed me. I finally at one point had a restraining order against her because her phone calls became ever more aggressive and she made the fatal mistake of calling my home and my youngest answered and the buck stopped there for me. Over the years Ken had numerous restraining orders, which were not worth the paper they were written on.

She proceeded to hire and fire an army of attorneys, she then began to represent herself in the Courts and she sued so many lawyers who had represented her or Ken that one loses count. Every angle of every attack was to blame everyone and his brother for the predicaments she put herself in.

The perpetual victim, wronged by every segment of society. Never ever conceding the role she played in each situation. She was arrested for disorderly conduct in the Baldwin County Courthouse, and accused the police of torture, going as far as to say she was strapped in a torture chair during her overnight stay at the local police department. The stories are truly unbelievable. One attorney who finally had enough of her defamatory actions against him sought damages.

ken stabler and rose molly burch relationship

Outside of football season and unless he was doing an appearance or an engagement, it was just the two of us hunkered down in that old house and that is just the way we liked it.

He had a beautiful antique bed and one of the first tasks at hand was he sent me on a mission for some great crimson sheets. He never was far away from all things Alabama and those sheets were soft and cool and we spent a lot of time between them. We had a very comfortable set up and were very content in our little world.

A typical weekend for us usually started by stocking up with groceries, wine and maybe a few rented movies for the weekend. I would stock up on homemade chicken salad, pasta salad, turkey, roast beef, olives, salami, crackers and fresh french bread pistolettes. If there was homemade soup or chili on the menu that was always added. A must was always a big box of fresh pastries because he had a serious sweet tooth. He was occasionally still enjoying one of his favorites, Southern Comfort.

The whiskey was being consumed less and the wine more, and I think we found it was easier just to share the glass. Simply put, we enjoyed each other and made no bones about it. It was a nesting time for our relationship. I packed pretty light for our weekends spent at home in Mobile.

You could count on the ever-present sound of music. We just curled up and soaked it all in while we were literally basking in the glow of this happiness we had found. There was a hoot owl in the magnolia tree right outside the bedroom window and that owl spoke to us a lot, and funny thing is, we spoke back. Yep, laid up in the nest hooting back at an owl in the tree, call us crazy, it worked.

ken stabler and rose molly burch relationship

Adjacent to his house was the home of the Daughters of Confederate Soldiers, a classic southern architectural masterpiece complete with beautiful gardens that were directly below the bedroom windows. Saturdays we kept up with the sporting events of the day, no matter the season, no matter the sport, there was always a ballgame any kind of ball gamea golf tournament, a fishing show, a hot rod show, a Barrett Jackson auction, and the constant info stream from CNN.

Ken Stabler's daughter rejects standing of QB's ex-wife

Kenny was a news junkie and he could talk current events with you all day long. We loved cruising down the old county roads where the pecan orchards were just magnificent. We would catch all of the little bayous and bays along the way. We would ride for 2 or 3 hours, just cruising, no destination in particular, just the path we loved at the edge of Bay.

Our time together was well spent and precious. He drove a hard bargain. The divorce was on full boil and was bubbling over.

There never was a break in the consistent stream of irate voice messages, some pleading and apologetic and others that seemed like she was coming through the line. All to be ignored until we reached the listening point. Some weekends we chose not to listen at all. They were there safe in the vortex of voice message Hell, and we avoided them like the plague, until the inevitable time that he would have to run through them.

I used to ask him why not just block the calls and he said he had to know if anything was happening with his girls and therefore would store up a few days and then take an hour to clean the box up, save and make room for more to come, and they never stopped coming, never.