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Finally, reminded by her counselor that it's okay to kick her pals out, she seemed sure enough of her feelings for Karev for kiss the hell out of. Alexander "Alex" Michael Karev, M.D. is a fictional character on the ABC television series In the ninth season, Karev befriends intern Jo Wilson. Alex has a brief relationship with intern Lexie Grey (Chyler Leigh), but chooses to be with The adoption counselor takes away Zola, the child Meredith wanted to adopt. RELATED | Grey's Anatomy's Alex and Jo: Small 'Bumps' — and a Big Callie shows up at her and Arizona's couples counseling session.

His dad later goes into cardiac arrest and is brought into surgery, fate unknown. Alex kisses Jo at April's wedding wanting to start a family with her. That night his dad died, due to a mistake by intern, Shane Ross, and Alex is upset. He punches Ross and is later comforted by Meredith. Upon the completion of his fellowship in Pediatric Surgery, Alex is given an offer to work at Dr. Oliver Lebackes' private practice office, claiming that he will have more flexible hours and "a big fat paycheck".

Alex takes this offer happily. Robbins is initially angered by this decision and thinks that Alex is choosing money over substance. Eventually she realizes that he has become a wonderful surgeon and that she is happy to see him go.

He later discovers that he isn't happy working at the private practice and expresses a desire to return full-time to Grey Sloan. When Cristina leaves for Switzerland, she leaves Alex her share of the board, including her seat. Alex is fired by Dr. Lebackes when Maggie Pierce accidentally reveals to him that Karev was thinking about leaving the job. Webber recommended Bailey to fill Yang's board seat after she left, so Bailey and Alex fight over the chair.

They both make presentations to the board and eventually Bailey wins, with a unanimous vote in her favor. He is hired back as an attending Peds surgeon and takes over full-time as Arizona pursues a fellowship with Dr.

Alex continues to date Jo and his friendship with Meredith grows stronger than ever, with him taking on the role of her new person. When Derek dies and Meredith runs away, Alex is upset by her leaving without telling him where she went and calls her everyday. Eventually she calls him, tells him she is okay, and to stop calling. When she goes into labor and gives birth to Ellis Shepherd, Alex goes to see her since he is her emergency contact.

He brings Meredith and her kids back to her house. She asks to move back in with him in her old house. Alex sells Meredith back the house and he and Jo rent a loft. Alex and Jo continue to struggle with their relationship.

Alex wants to settle down, marry Jo, and have kids. However, Jo continues to resist. When Karev proposes to her, Jo tells him she can't marry him, so he breaks up with her.

Later, Alex realizes that he misses Jo and gets her back. They seem to be doing well for some time, until Alex brings up marriage again and the two fight, as Jo still continues to argue that she cannot marry him. Alex storms out, leaving their relationship uncertain. During Owen and Amelia's wedding, Alex realizes that even though she won't marry him, he loves Jo and goes back to her again.

However, when he arrives at their loft, he finds Jo highly intoxicated, wearing nothing but her bra and underwear, and surgical intern, Andrew Deluca lying on top of her. Alex assumes that Deluca was attempting to take advantage of Jo while she was inebriated and is filled with rage. He beats Deluca to a pulp with his bare hands. Andrew is badly injured, with his face bruised beyond recognition. He is unconscious and on the verge of dying.

Alex realizes what he's done and quickly rushes Deluca to the hospital. There, the doctors call the police as they struggle to save Andrew and discover who did this to him. Alex lies to everyone and says that he found Andrew in this state and brought him to Grey Sloan.

However, Ben Warren is suspicious of Karev. Meredith also quickly realizes that Alex was in fact the one who beat Deluca. She covers for him and the two continue to lie to everyone in the hospital about Alex's actions. Soon, Karev learns that Andrew wasn't doing anything wrong and that he had beaten up a good guy.

Meredith decides that even though she loves Alex, she needs to turn him in. She goes to Bailey and tells her the truth. But, when the two rush to the police they find Alex being arrested for aggravated assault, as he had turned himself in. He is taken to jail and Meredith bails him out. While they wait for a trial, Bailey suspends Alex as an attending and makes him work in the clinic. Eventually, Jo finally tells Alex that the reason she couldn't marry Alex is because she is already married.

Her husband is abusive and so she ran away and changed her name to Jo Wilson so that he wouldn't find her. Alex realizes that when Jo is called to the stand as a witness in the trial, this information about her past and lack of records under the name Jo Wilson may be revealed, and when the information goes public, her husband may find her. To keep her safe, he decides to take the plea deal without a trial, ensuring that he goes to jail for 2 years.

However, when Alex tells Meredith this, she begs him not to and tells him that she can't lose him too because she's already lost everyone else important in her life. Alex struggles to decide whether or not to take the plea deal.

Meredith searches for Alex's case online, to find that the trial had been put off indefinitely. She assumes that he took the plea, and began calling and visiting various local jails to find him. After a full day of searching without finding him, she goes home to sleep, and discovers him sleeping in her bed. He explains he slept there all day. He explains that during his meeting with the D.

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Deluca came in and dropped all charges. Alex was then free to continue being Alex. After returning to work, Alex and Jo try to ignore each other and eventually build up a tolerance of sorts towards each other. Deluca and Alex continue to be at odds, especially when he becomes closer to Jo. However, nothing comes of it and they both keep their distance. At the end of the season, Alex hires an investigator to look for Jo's abusive husband. The investigator finds him and tells Alex that he will be at a conference.

Meredith tells him it's a horrible idea and that he shouldn't go, especially considering Jo doesn't know about the situation. Alex flies out to the conference with the intention of telling him to get out of her life, no matter the means.

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When he meets him, Alex decides against confronting him over Jo, avoiding exposing her current identity and location and potentially stopping himself from assaulting someone yet again. He returns to Seattle, leaving the convention early. At the start of season 14, Alex and Jo start to warm to each other.

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Jo tells Deluca that she is still in love with Alex. Because Stephanie has left the hospital after an explosion that almost killed her, Jo turns to Warren to confide in.

After she tells him her true feelings about whole situation with Alex, Warren tells him that Jo is scared that he might hurt her. Alex goes to Jo and tells her that he could never abuse her like her husband did because he dealt with the same trauma as a kid as his father was abusive. He then tells her that he found her husband. Jo is taken back by this but when Alex tells her that he didn't kill or injure him in anyway, she is relieved and finally trusts him again. She didn't want to make her boss Callie angry about her actions and stalled him.

Eventually, they decided they were better as BFFs and let the whole thing sort of pass. The two hit it off and began seeing one another casually. At this point in the series, Alex was a bit of a dog, which is something that George would learn the hard way. Karev and see what might transpire with O'Malley. In the case of Mark and Dr. Teddy Altman, neither wanted the same thing and it ultimately doomed the relationship.

Teddy wasn't looking for something serious, but Mark was more interested in a meaningful, long-term relationship. He was pushed by Callie to go out with her for this purpose, but Teddy wasn't interested in that.

Eventually, they did become involved and Teddy ended up getting what she wanted, but Mark saw the writing on the wall and knew there wasn't a long-term situation happening. It wasn't a regretful relationship for the series, but more of a hiccup for these characters that most people simply forgot about and moved on from.

He had come to the hospital to provide counseling for survivors, but never treated Teddy as a patient. She eventually started a relationship with him, but spent most of her time talking about her problems When it came time for him to leave, she detached from him when she realized she fell for unavailable men.

Eventually, they got back together and planned to move to Germany together, but when push came to shove, Teddy decided to stay behind so she could be close to Henry Burton, whom she married so she could get him on her insurance.

Granted, that's entirely hindsight, but when you think about it, George was the last normal, somewhat healthy, relationship Callie was in and it did not go well for her. While they were together, George got involved with someone else and they fought constantly. It was a constant struggle when these two were together and they never had a good chemistry with one another. Most of their time together was spent with Callie telling George she loved him but got no response, leaving her emotionally drained.

It was hard on her, and frankly, entirely unfair.

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Maggie Pierce and Clive Johnson, a stockbroker whom she matched with via Tinder. When they were first set to go out, Maggie actually forgot all about it and he showed up expecting her to be ready. She wasn't, but they went out anyway and they began to see one another. During this period, Maggie was basically completely distracted from anything and everything related to Clive, but they got along nicely. She even went so far as to bring him to a game night hosted by Meredith and Amelia specifically to meet Clive.

They showed up, and the games began, but not the games they had planned. Clive's wife showed up and things went south pretty fast. Jackson had to intervene and tell Clive to leave and never contact Maggie again. During her time on the show, she became incredibly close friends with Callie and the two were often drinking at Joe's.

They worked closely together and eventually formed a romantic relationship with one another. Things were going well between the two until Izzy decided to steal a heart to give to Denny, which is something the chief heart surgeon at a hospital might take umbrage with. She fought over this issue with Callie to the extreme and that was the last we saw of her.