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Cameras capture the before and after effects as couples rediscover the love they Cast:Katherine McNamara (Clary Fray), Dominic Sherwood (Jace Wayland). Clarissa "Clary" Adele Fairchild, also known as Clary Fray, is the Java Jones, where Clary once again saw and immediately confronted Jace Wayland, one of the They were unable to pursue a relationship due to their other friendships, .. felt bad for her and approached her to try and give her some comfort and advice. Jace Herondale, previously and widely known as Jace Wayland, is a lethal and expert of the Circle arrived and called her "Clary Fairchild" with intent to take her. . his advice, Jace continued his investigations separately until Clary found out. . In addition, Clary's blood relation to Jonathan Morgenstern gives Jace an .

All-Human Mortal Instruments - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: Jace Herondale is an ink artist who is immediately draw to the petite redhead as soon as she opens his parlour door Chapter 1 has been revised and updated! Leave a review for me Mortal Instruments - Rated: When she fails to do so at the ball thrown exactly for that purpose, her father steps in and decides for her. Clary believes in true love. Can she find it in her to defy her father's wishes and pursue her own happiness?

Lonesome Wanderers by reader-chic-2 reviews The idea behind foster siblings never connected in Clary's brain. Two teenagers who had never met once in their life were thrust together in a spectacle of violent yelling and silent sobbing. More importantly, why should she love him like a brother?

She spat on that name. Foster sibling or not, she would do whatever she wanted with him. Clary is a profession sno-x fan. What happens when they meet? What happens when Jace's greatest rival turns out to be Clary's boyfriend? Angst, Drama, and Lust are key components of this story. They take the next step in their relationship and deal with upcoming changes to their lives. Will it bring them closer together or will it tear them apart?

Sequel to 'Kiss Kiss'. As promised this story will contain mature content. The One by PurpleAi reviews Songfic. A collection of Clace One Shots taking us through the years past present and future. Not a linear timeline. You make my whole world feel so right when it's wrong. That's how I know you are the one. That's why I know you are the one.

To my surprise, I sold three more paintings than I did on an average daily basis. Today was not just a normal day, today was a good day. And then, whatever waffle-ass was up there decided to make it a bad day for me. Possible lemons in possiblenext chapter. There was no doubt the child was his, but what could a playboy know about raising a child? He gets unsuspected help from a red-headed neighbor.

Will the kind deed blossom into friendship and a new mother for Jace's son or just stay that, a simple deed? When the Morgenstern princess is married off to the distant, fierce king Herondale, she has to come to terms with the fact there may be more to her secretive past than her father is letting on- and that there's a person behind those beautiful golden eyes who may be even more seductive and dangerous than she ever imagined.

She's convinced that he is the way he is because he wants her to be better. As long as he loves her, it's alright. But when the Lightwoods move into Clary's school, what happens when Jace is too smart to fall for the act? A wild boar with an ego the size of a literal wild boar. And Clary might have been infatuated with him since middle school, but after their bizarre encounter on her sixteenth birthday, she's changed her mind.

Except, maybe not entirely, and now she can't decide if she wants to slap him or jump his bones. If you're reading this just for fun, be my guest. But it is just a Rated M for a reason.

While Clary waits for Isabelle to return home causes her to get snowed in with Jace for the week, her and Jace will have to deal with each other for the harsh winter storm.

Shadowhunters: 8 relationships we want to see more of in Season 2

However, none of the men in the kingdom catch her eye until her father hires a new horse trainer, Jace Herondale. He is beautiful, sarcastic, smart, and totally off limits. Not to mention that King Morgenstern is dead-set on Sebastian Verlac courting his daughter. You have a best friend that you've known all your life. He has a sister he loves above all. They all think of you as family.

‘Shadowhunters’: 8 relationships we want to see more of in Season 2

And then, puberty hits you. Then, feelings knock you down. Then, you start messing it all up Billboard by BubblyFanatic reviews A series of one-shots between Clary and Jace based on the song lyrics of popular music It's hard to write a summary for a collection of short stories but just know that there's lots of Clace involved! I was challenged by my friend to do this and I'll be taking suggestions of songs for the next chapters.

She is sold to the mysterious prince and forced to abide by his rules. Struggling to feel hatred towards the monster that is responsible for her mother's death, she must keep her identity a secret in order to protect her people and their cause.

For Better or for Worse, Like it or Not by mauviafitzwilliamdarcygray reviews Clary has never been anywhere or done anything Her family has been in hiding her whole life because of her father's past crimes, but now her father is forcing her to get married at first sight. Could the worse thing that has ever happened to her turn into the best? Could this be her chance to see the world for the first time? Jace and Jonathan go missing, and Clary is left at the New York Institute with her friends and family trying to find him.

Jace, who can still not stay away from her, comes to Clary in the middle of the night one day and asks her to accompany him. Afterwards, when Clary puts her weight behind it, Jordan Kyle helps Jace deal with his simmering rage that encourages the heavenly fire to get out of control. When Jonathan, going as Sebastian, starts attacking Institutes all over the world, the Shadowhunters withdraw inside Idris. Jace and Clary stay by each other, helping each other in this tough time because they both know they understand Sebastian better than the Clave.

At last they decide to visit hell along with the Lightwoods and Simon, where Sebastian is hiding, knowing that the Clave cannot defeat him, and they need to rescue Magnus, Jocelyn, Luke and Raphael.

She reiterates to him that she would never wish for another life because this one brought her to Jace. She helps Jace with the heavenly fire, once he loses control of it and purges him of it, enclosing the fire in her shortsword.

They keep it a secret, and that secret is what helps them to defeat Sebastian at the end. It was, as Simon had thought to himself, a perfect team work.

Jace and Clary grew from bickering at each other to being two perfectly matching puzzle pieces. They return to Idris after defeating Sebastian and Jace decides to take up the name Herondale.

Her chin almost hit the floor; in front of her was a man, maybe a little older then herself. He was tall, like at least 6 foot tall, with board shoulders, golden skin, blond hair and tawny eyes.

He was wearing a white shirt, a little se through, and underneath the swirls of black tattoos covered his skin like a spider web, his jeans hung low on his hips and Clary almost wanted to pull them down lower, only to see what other glories things were underneath. Oh god Clary, get a grip on you! The little voice inside her head told her.

That one that only a few guys could master, the one that wanted to give them your panties right then and there, or take THEM the boys right then and there, no matter how many looked. Jace, why couldn't he have an unsexy name like Bob or Harold. So what do you think? He smiled again, this time it looked like a real smile not a smirk.

She stood still, for a second or two, completely startled by the whole experience. Well, at least she wasn't going to spend Friday night on her couch. End of flashback Hodge looked at the couple for a second; Jace had relaxed slightly, but still looked tense. He had learned a lot from the story, like their names. They both preferred their nicknames and that both of them had a lot of personality, to put it in a positive way. Hodge was a little taken aback by this; even the worst couples did something together.

He sighed, this case was going to be harder then he first thought.