Grojband corey and laney relationship help

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grojband corey and laney relationship help

Friends Laney Penn, Kin Kujira, Kon Kujira, Nick Mallory, Kate Persky, Allie Day, Corey Jaron Riffin is the main character and protagonist of Grojband. that he acts on to help him accomplish things and sure enough, it actually works. . to have a stronger and more in depth relationship with him, Kon is very loyal to Corey. Corey is a teenage boy who LOVES to rock on his guitar being the frontman after all, Laney's a girl with a sassy attitude and dreams of becoming Corey's girlfr. you give terrible relationship advice. x, Nika Dear Onika/Dear Robert, I trust you. Read Meeting The Parents from the story Grojband Character Shorts by Laney and Corey were sitting beside each other, doing what any normal couple would do. meetings the meeting which could make or break is relationship with Laney. Writers · Business · Jobs · Press · Terms · Privacy · Help; © Wattpad.

I'll think of something later. It took awhile and many debates that lasted a whole month the two decided to be more open about their relationship. The twins took it in stride knowing that their two friends deserve each other and without a doubt would continue to be together for a long time.

Trina however, was absolutely furious that her annoying wannabe rock star of a brother not only got a date but A KISS before her! She wouldn't let that stand and tried to break them up in any way possible.

One scheme had almost worked but she didn't count on how deep Laney's feelings were for Corey and how must trust they had in each other. When their relationship became public Laney was scared to think that people would make fun of her and Corey or people would ask to many questions she didn't feel comfortable answering.

Complete opposite actually, people respected their privacy and cheered them on happy that Corey finally saw the girl that liked him for a while.

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Trina however couldn't stand how everybody took their attention off of her and onto them. She then devised a plan she thought would break those two love birds up and get her spotlight back. Now I have to go learn how to draw stick figures and if I'm late Mrs. Garfield will grill me. Down the hall behind a pillar Trina rubbed her hands together and giggled evilly. Behind her was Mina with a sorrowful like on her face as she watched Trina about to launch her plan to break up a good couple.

Honestly Mina was glad for them seeing as how hard Laney was crushing for Corey and finally achieved the happiness she wanted. Every rock band had an overzealous fan and this girl was one of them. Her name was Kyra McNeil and, you guessed it, a fan girl of Corey's to the fullest. She dyed her black hair to the same blue shade as Corey's and had the same clothes he wore.

Laney Penn

Seeing Corey up close and personal made hearts appear in her eyes and run to him which is why Trina had her in a tight hold. As Corey walked down the hall he turned back around while hitting himself in the forehead for his stupidity Trina let her go and began to watch her plan in action. Deciding that he really needs his supplies he tried to move but her grip on his shirt was extra tight.

grojband corey and laney relationship help

I'll sign your beanie later but I really have to get to my stuff out of that class now if you excuse me" Corey explained to her as he moved out of her grip but she immediately pushed him back with a shake of his head. Why can't you see that? I have to get her off me pronto! Meanwhile in the class room Laney looked in her book bag and noticed she had Corey's stuff in there. Sighing she asked the teacher of her class could she go to the bathroom so she could return it to him.

Leaving the room she sees something that surprised her and almost broke her heart. Corey, the love of her young life, was in the arms if another girl that was leaning in to kiss him!

As she was about to break down in the hall way she saw the look on Corey's face, one of regret and unwillingness that simply told Laney everything she needed to know.

Corey and Laney

Corey didn't want to kiss her! Relief would come later but first she had her boyfriend to save from some hussy! Marching up behind the girl, Laney yanked the girl back and jumped into Corey's arms.

grojband corey and laney relationship help

This psycho chick wouldn't let me go and-" before Corey could continue to explain himself Laney give him a deep kiss right in front of Kyra "It's okay Core I knew you wouldn't do something like this. Now take your stuff and get to class k?

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Garfield wouldn't grill him. However, Corey always ignores this and does it anyway. Laney always gets mad at Corey for it but she can't stay mad at him because of how much she loves him.

grojband corey and laney relationship help

Although Laney is the most intelligent and sane member of the band, she will be seen doing dumb things along with the rest of the band on many occasions.

Overall, Laney truly does care for Grojband even though she doesn't express it all of the time. Laney says that she can finally have a life of common sense and careful planning, but doesn't know what to plan for, so she returns to Corey's garage and an audio card recorded by her is discovered by the rest of Grojband and they all cry and reunite as a band.

The card also reveals Laney sometimes 'mothers' the band a little. Laney seems to have a mixed personality when it comes to femininity and masculinity or anything related to her gender for that matter. At some times, Laney is a tomboy who enjoys roughhousing with the boys and letting her wild side out and she doesn't take too kindly to gender stereotypes as seen in episodes such as Girl Fest.

At other times, she is a full blown girly girl who enjoys anything and everything frilly and girly as seen in episodes such as A Knight to Remember. It seems as though she is more open about her masculine side and very secretive about her feminine side.

Her room is all pink and covered in all things girly from streamers, to stuffed animals, to tea sets, to basically anything that's entirely pink. After they leave, Corey and Laney talk about what happened to the band. Laney says that they let something get in the way of their friendships. As Corey says fake love, Laney says true love, with shimmering eyes and hearts above her head.

As Corey is heartbroken, saying that all he wanted is the gig. Laney replies by saying "all she wanted-", before cutting herself off, getting hearts in her eyes and looking at Corey.

Grojband Corey and Laney kiss scene

Laney's heart tells her to "Just tell him", but Corey's crying makes her say the gig as well. Corey and Laney get to the wedding all dressed up and successfully made Barney puke from love by telling him all of the things they did, from going on a picnic, sharing a milkshake and strolling on the beach.

With Barney still not satisfied, Corey adds that they were so in love that they ignored their friends, broke up the band and had a fight about nothing. When Corey and Laney high five after convincing Barney, hearts show up between their hands. When they stand on stage, Corey and Laney sing a love song together, dedicating to Kin and Kon instead of each other.

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As they walk to Kin and Kon, Laney and Corey look at each other and hold hands. At one point, Corey and Laney look at each other with a heart in the background. Edit Corey was freaking out over having a new gig booked at the Choco-Watch Expo, but he was so wound up that his voice was cracking so Laney put her hands on his shoulders telling him to slow down and calls him "Tiger.

Edit Kin criticizes Corey's performance, saying that the term "Thank you Peaceville! Laney is put off by this and quickly thinks up the compliment "Uh, but polite. It's nice to thank people.