George soros and obama relationship

The Obama-Soros Connection | Human Events

george soros and obama relationship

[Read how George Soros has pledged $10 million to fight hate crimes] a few hours after Soros spoke to the European Council on Foreign Relations, .. He suggested that he had fallen victim to an Obama personality trait. George Soros, an early backer of Barack Obama's presidential run, Despite their frosty relationship, organizations supported by the two. George Soros is 86 years old and has a worth of $ billion. He is an Atheist who wants to delete Christianity from the face of the earth.

George Soros in 82 Seconds

He wants to eliminate voter ID so non-citizens can vote, promotes legalization of Marijuana, and favors the Trans Pacific Partnership, with his inclusion of China. He supports amnesty to illegal immigrants.

Clinton and Obama influenced by George Soros

He provokes election crises in many countries around the world. He funded the Ferguson protests.

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Soros has five children and some are involved in liberal causes. George Soros advises officials to control the news and TV networks.

The Obama-Soros Connection

Elizabeth Sherwood, a special advisor to President Obama. As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton worked to approve the sale of 3.

george soros and obama relationship

Hillary also did nothing to stop the sale of 20 percent of our uranium to Russia. After that the Clinton Foundation received 2. This transaction jeopardized our security by keeping us dependent on foreign suppliers.

george soros and obama relationship

Robert Creamer, an employee of the Democratic National Committee, is engaged in many kinds of trickery to make Trump supporters look bad. He hired Scott Foval to cause fights at Trump rallies and to register illegal voters to go across state lines to vote for Hillary Clinton by using false identifications.

At the Congressional hearings on Benghazi, Secretary Clinton said, under oath, that all work-related emails that she sent or received contained no classified information.

george soros and obama relationship

She said she followed all State Department rules and regulations. But it was more than a lack of political will that constrained the west during this moment.

The George Soros philosophy – and its fatal flaw | News | The Guardian

Soros had identified a key problem but was unable to appreciate how the very logic of capitalism, which stressed profit above all, would necessarily undermine his democratic project. He remained too wedded to the system he had conquered.

george soros and obama relationship

In the wake of the cold war, Soros dedicated himself to exploring the international problems that prevented the realisation of a global open society. After the Asian financial crisis, in which a currency collapse in south-east Asia engendered a world economic downturn, Soros wrote books addressing the two major threats he believed beset open society: First, because capital could move anywhere to avoid taxation, western nations were deprived of the finances they needed to provide citizens with public goods.

george soros and obama relationship

More than any of his liberal peers, he recognised that embracing the most extreme forms of its capitalist ideology might lead the US to promote policies and practices that undermined its democracy and threatened stability both at home and abroad. Yet as early asSoros acknowledged that the US was the primary opponent of global institutions; by this point in time, Americans had refused to join the International Court of Justice; had declined to sign the Ottawa treaty on banning landmines; and had unilaterally imposed economic sanctions when and where they saw fit.

The president was thus not only a threat to world peace, but also to the very idea of open society. After the election, Soros underwent something like a crisis of faith.