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The season 7 finale ("Hit") reveals SSA David Rossi may be having a secret relationship with Section Chief Erin Strauss; this was discovered when technical . An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Browse through and read or take thousands of david rossi stories, quizzes, and other secret blooming relationship that he conceals from his beloved team at the BAU. . had everything to do with her complicated feelings about Erin Strauss.

He was annoyed and angry. Yes, it was a lot to take on: Dave never expected that this was the way he would have children, but he was grateful for each one. Dave walked down the hall to the bedroom of his eldest daughter. Isabella's room was decorated in a princess motiff, complete with pink and sparkles. Her mother had complained bitterly about the stereotype, but Isabella had been quite adamant on her third birthday just a few months ago that she wanted a princess room and so a princess room is what she got.

She was curled on her side, one arm wrapped tightly around her teddy bear and the thumb of the other in her mouth. He thought back to the night Isabella was conceived. He and Emily had gone on a consult together to a small town in Ohio. They ended up trapped in the same room at a small bed and breakfast for a few days.

The owner had been able to provide them with a bottle of wine. The bottle of wine led to secrets being spilled. The secrets led a first kiss. The first kiss led to a second and soon they were both naked and tangled together, clothes strewn throughout the room. In the morning, they agreed to let the night remain just one night. They eased back into their friendship without issue until about six weeks later when Emily came to him to let him know that she was pregnant; pregnant and planning on keeping the baby, his involvement was up to him.

After the initial shock wore off, Dave found himself looking forward to becoming a father. He and Emily were great as co-parents, even if he tended to indulge Isabella's every whim while her mother tried desperately to keep Isabella grounded.

Dave moved from Isabella's room to the next bedroom, peering inside. The twins' room is what they called it, but the two little boys sleeping within weren't actually twins. They were only two months apart and nearly inseparable when they were together. They loved spending time together so much that their mothers moved into the same apartment building so that the boys' could be together as often as possible. Twenty month old Ares and eighteen month old Caden appeared to be as different as night and day.

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Ares, with his dark hair and dark eyes, was a chip off of his father's block. His personality was entirely his mother's, though. Not even two and he already was making up stories, lost in his own world. Ares' side of the room was decorated with kings, castles, and dragons. Caden's side, on the other hand, was decorated in a tasteful jungle theme, a reflection of his love of animals.

He spent hours pretending to be a cat or a dog or whatever animal he happened to discover that day. His hair was nearly white and his eyes a crisp green. If it wasn't for the fact that he looked exactly like his nephew, Dave might doubt Caden's paternity.

Despite their differences, they had remarkable similar conceptions. Dave was helping Penelope clean up after her infamous Halloween party. She was feeling blue because Derek had brought a new girl to the party. He was hurting because Emily had just told him of plans to take Isabella to visit her mother in France for Isabella's first Christmas. One thing led to another and soon he was taking her over the back of her couch. Just as with Emily, they agreed to be friends the next day and when she came to him in the beginning of January with news of her pregnancy to be co-parents.

With Ashley, it was New Year's Eve and clean-up. Ashley had thrown a big bash, only to be disappointed when her crush ended up canceling on her. Dave and Penelope spent the evening trying to cheer her up, despite his pain over missing Isabella.

After the party cleared and Penelope left with Derek, the two lonely souls found themselves bonding over their lack of a love life on Ashley's couch. To this day, Dave wasn't sure which one of them kissed the other first, but he was definitely sure he was the first one to remove all his clothes. He was terrified of Penelope's reaction when Ashley came to him just a month later with news of her pregnancy, but the two women supported each other and became the best of friends.

Dave moved to the last bedroom, his baby girl's room. Criminal Minds has gained critical acclaim for its characterization, pacing, atmosphere, acting, directing, and writing. It has also become a ratings hit for CBS, regularly featuring as one of the network's most-watched cable shows throughout its decade-long run.

The show's success has spawned a media franchisewith several spinoffs, including a South Korean adaptation and a video game. Most often, one quotation is heard after the opening credits, and another at the end of the episode. For season 1, Garcia was not a main cast member but rather had a recurring role, although she appeared in most episodes.

Inat the start of season 2, Lola Glaudini announced her departure from the show, as she wanted to return home to New York City. At the start of season 3, Mandy Patinkin announced his departure from the show because he was deeply disturbed by the content of the series.

During season three, A. Cook became pregnant with her first child. Her pregnancy was written into the show. Cook's son, Mekhai Andersen, has been written into a recurring role as Jennifer's son Henry. Later that season, Emily is seemingly killed off. Although she survives, she does not appear for the rest of the season. CBS's decision to release Cook and Brewster from their contracts resulted in numerous fans writing angry letters to the studio and signing protest petitions.

After two seasons, Tripplehorn was released from the show. Executive producer and showrunner Erica Messer said CBS and ABC Studios were fine with the decision because it was clear that Patinkin would not come back again, but the show would feature him in a flashback if he were ever to return in the future. Hewitt did not return for season 11 or any of the following ones,[15] while Cook returned after the first seven episodes of season Tara Lewisjoined the show at the start of season 11 in a recurring role, though she appeared in most episodes.

Later that season, Shemar Moorewho plays Derek Morganleft the show after 11 seasons. He had thought to leave in the previous season when his contract ended but was persuaded to stay to give his character a proper sendoff. In season 12, Brewster once again became a series regular.

CBS said his departure was "part of a creative change on the show. Beyond Borders as Matt Simmonswould join the main show as a series regular for the 13th season. After a series of emotionally troubling cases and the murder of his friend Sarah by fugitive serial killer Frank Breitkopf Keith Carradinehe begins to feel burned out.

The last straw occurs when Unit Chief Aaron Hotchner is suspended for two weeks by the team's boss—an action for which Jason feels responsible. He retreats to his cabin and leaves a letter for Dr. Spencer Reid, who he knows will be the one to look for him. When Spencer arrives at the cabin, it is empty except for the letter and Jason's badge and firearm. Jason is last seen remarking to a Nevada diner waitress that he does not know where he is going or how he will know when he gets there, leaving the diner and driving off.

In season 10, he is killed off-screen by a suspect he had tracked down from one of his first cases. He is one of the most experienced agents in the BAU. He struggles to balance the demands of his job with his family life, but his wife, Haley Brooks Meredith Monroedivorces him in season 3. In the episode " " season 5Haley is killed by fugitive serial killer George Foyet C.

He also has a son named Jack Cade Owens and a brother named Sean. Aaron dated a woman named Beth Clemmons Bellamy Youngwho first appeared in the episode "The Bittersweet Science" season 7before the couple separated after Clemmons accepted a job in Hong Kong. Following an on-set altercation, Thomas Gibson was removed from the main cast after season 12, episode 2, at which point it's claimed that Gibson's character took a consulting job off screen.

In a later episode, it's revealed that the consulting job was a ruse and that Jack was being stalked by Peter "Mr. Scratch" Lewis, a serial killer from a previous BAU case. Therefore, Aaron and Jack went into the witness protection program.

Following Lewis's death in the 13th season premiere, Prentiss reveals that Aaron has opted not to return to the BAU, but instead to retire to be a full-time parent to Jack. Elle suffers extreme emotional trauma after being shot by an unsub in the season 1 finale "The Fisher King Part 1 ". Several episodes later, while alone on stakeout of a suspected serial rapist, she murders the suspect by shooting in cold blood and planting her gun on the unarmed victim.

The local police deem it self-defense, but Jason and Aaron question her ability as a profiler after this. Elle resigns, turning in her badge and gun to Aaron, declaring that it is "not an admission of guilt. He was raised by his mother, Fran, along with his two sisters, Sarah Morgan and Desiree Benita, after the death of his police officer father right in front of him. Derek was a troubled Chicago youth headed for juvenile delinquency.

He was rescued and mentored by Carl Buford Julius Tennon. Buford turned out to be a sexual predator who molested Derek and other young boys; he was eventually arrested for murder. After developing an interest in football, Derek attended Northwestern University on a scholarship.

He has an emotionally intimate, but platonicrelationship with technical analyst Penelope Garcia; the two have a unique shorthand and banter.

In season 11, Derek is kidnapped and tortured by the father of Giuseppe Montolo, a hitman whom Derek put away and who later died while in custody. Derek escapes and when he learns his girlfriend Savannah is pregnant, he realizes that he doesn't want to put his family through something like this again. Spencer ReidPh. It has been revealed that he has an IQ ofcan read a dizzying 20, words per minute, and has an eidetic memory.

Most of the members on the team are intimidated by his profound knowledge. He is habitually introduced as "Dr. Spencer Reid" in contrast to the other agents, who are introduced as "supervisory special agent. His mother, Diana Reid Jane Lynchsuffers from schizophrenia and is currently committed to a mental institution. In season 6 Reid starts suffering from cluster headaches and when doctors can't diagnose why, Reid thinks he might be in the early stages of schizophrenia himself.

During season 8, Reid becomes involved with a woman who was being stalked. In the episode "Zugzwang", her stalker ultimately kidnaps her and kills her, devastating Reid. In season 11 he is deeply affected by Derek Morgan's decision to leave the BAU but understands and supports his reasons. Initially Reid had a crush on JJ, even going as far as taking her on a date to a football game. As the series progresses, their relationship becomes more of the brother—sister kind. Morgan and Reid maintained a brotherly relationship and Morgan refers to Reid as his "little brother" prior to his departure in season Spencer is also the godfather of Jennifer's son, Henry, and Derek's son, Hank.

Jennifer "JJ" Jareau A. Cookformer BAU communications liaison and current supervisory special agent seasons 1—5, 7—present; recurring season 6 JJ served as the communications liaison on the team to local police agencies in seasons 1—5.

Both boys are played by A. In the episode "JJ" season 6Jennifer is forced to accept a promotion at the Pentagoncausing her departure from the team, although Unit Chief Aaron Hotchner expresses his hope that she will return to the BAU in the future. Jennifer returns as a series regular in the season 7 premiere as a legitimate profiler and admits to helping fake Prentiss' death, much to dismay of her colleagues. In the th episode, JJ is kidnapped because of a secret mission she performed while at the Pentagon.

At the end of season 10, JJ reveals she is pregnant with her second child and consults over the phone for the few episodes of season 11 before rejoining the team in the field in the episode "Target Rich. Garcia joined the BAU after bringing attention to herself by illegally accessing some of their equipment; she is offered a job in lieu of a jail sentence.

She submitted her resume to Hotch on pink stationery. She usually supports the team from her computer lab at Quantico but occasionally joins them on location when her skills can be used in the field. She is a leader in a support group for those who have lost someone in their lives. Her parents were killed by a drunk driver when they were out looking for her when she was a teen and had missed her curfew.

She enjoys a flirtatious relationship with SSA Derek Morgan, often engaging in comical banter of a sexually suggestive nature when he calls in for information.

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He calls her "Baby Girl. She is kidnapped once again at the end of season Suspect Behavior often calls when his team needs her computer skills. Penelope is the godmother of Jennifer's son, Henry, and the godmother of Morgan's son, Hank.

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The plan was for Emily to report any problems within the BAU, but Emily remained loyal to the team and refused to report any problems, going so far as threatening resignation. Emily is also fluent in several languages, such as Spanish, French, Greek, and Arabic, has a working knowledge in Italian, and was fluent in Russian at one point but has lost comprehension.

She is apparently killed while being held hostage by Ian Doyle in the episode "Lauren" season 6but in the last scene of the episode, it is revealed that she survived her encounter with Ian and is seen with SSA Jennifer Jareau in Paris passing her passports and bank accounts for protection.

In the season 7 premiere "It Takes a Village"she returns alive and well, much to the team's surprise. In the season 7 finale "Run"Emily decides to leave the BAU after accepting a position running and returning to the Interpol office in London.

She returns for the th episode to help rescue a kidnapped SSA Jennifer Jareau and again in the episode "Tribute" season 11where she enlists the help of the BAU in catching a serial killer who had originally killed in Europe before killing in the United States. Paget Brewster was confirmed to return for a several episode arc in season Following the dismissal of Thomas Gibson, Brewster was promoted to a series regular again starting from season 12, episode 3; later Prentiss is promoted to Hotch's position of unit chief.

David Rossi Joe Mantegnasenior supervisory special agent seasons 3—present Rossi is a highly experienced profiler who once worked the BAU in its origins, then took early retirement in to write books and go on lecture tours about criminal analysis, until volunteering to return shortly after SSA Jason Gideon's departure in He has been married three times and is quite wealthy because of his successful writing career.

In the episode "From Childhood's Hour" season 7David reconnects with his first wife, Carolyn Baker, who has shocking news for him. It is revealed that she came to him because she was diagnosed with ALS Lou Gehrig's disease and wants David to assist in her suicide. In the next episode "Epilogue"Carolyn dies after taking a drug overdose. It is also revealed in this episode that David had a son who died at birth.

Spencer Reid spot them both leaving a hotel.

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In the last season 8 episode "The Replicator" we see their relationship has been known to the entire team. She was taken from her hotel room, where he had planned to meet her that night, drugged and put on the streets of New York disoriented for Unit Chief Aaron Hotchner to find her. The episode's last scene is SSA David Rossi eulogizing her to the team after her funeral, at a gathering at his home.