Cancer and pisces relationship match

Cancer and Pisces - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life

cancer and pisces relationship match

GaneshaSpeaks reveal Pisces and Cancer compatibility in love match, sex, marriage life and meter to see how both signs compatible with other personality. Are your signs compatible? Read your Cancer and Pisces love matcher horoscope by The AstroTwins to learn about your signs in love. Cancer and Pisces belong to the element of Water and tend to share beautiful emotions, Cancer Compatibility With Pisces in Love, Life, Sex, Communication, .

They say that water always meets its own level. As such, Pisces is the sign that will always work at aggregating any equation. They are horrible at confrontation, yet very rigid in their beliefs and ways. The Cancer is the fourth sign in the zodiac. This water sign is completely governed by the moon. As such, one can often find their moods changing like the tides.

Cancer is not an argumentative sign. Nonetheless, they will seldom agree to do anything that they don't intend on doing, in the first place. Saying no, is not a problem for a cancer. Pisces and Cancer Love Compatibility One of the main similarities in the Pisces and Cancer is that they are both dreamy and romantic.


While the Cancer is very self-driven and motivated, the Pisces believes in walking their own path. Whether you agree with it or not. This compatibility tends to draw these two zodiac signs to each other. Pisces and Cancer, both believe in going over the top to express their love and romance. So, needless to say, here is a couple that will have weekly dinner dates, will love candle-lit meals and have a monthly membership at the local florist. Cancer and Pisces believe that love is incomplete without romance.

Being sensitive and expressive beings, one can only assume that the bedroom will be a very important part of this relationship.


Here is a pair of Pisces man and Cancer woman and vice-versa who will do anything for the one they love, no boundaries spared! Cancer will bring intimacy into their sex life and the meaning behind the act. They will nurture their partner and care about their pleasure, giving them a stable and a safe approach to a healthy sex life. Pisces will bring in change, creativity, inspiration and probably a lot of sensuality due to the fact that this is the sign that exalts Venus.

However, in most cases they will be tender enough to inspire their Cancer partner to let go of their rigid attitudes and shame, and give in to the beauty of sexual exchange of emotions. This could be recognized as pressure to some point and this could lead to Pisces partner getting scared. When Pisces get scared, they somehow fail to tell the truth even on silly things in their life, because they feel the need to distance themselves from any pressure they might feel.

It is a good thing that Cancer understands this and easily separates lies from intimacy. Whatever the situation, they will both probably be patient enough to have just enough trust in one another for their relationship to work out.

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Usually they communicate just fine, but there are situations in which they could float away on an idea made out of words. Pisces to me is a lot like Aquarius, except they're not pushing so much for rebellion or authenticity -- they just want unconditional love and without it they go into deep mood swings, existential crises because love is what they want, and without it -- nothing is real, it's just oblivion at that point.

These kind of ideas might scare the Cancer or really charm it. Cancer would love to give their heart and nurture someone out of deep, sad thoughts. Pisces wants Cancer because they want to be doted. Be comfortable with each other when the other is cranky. It's okay to have bad days. It's okay to cry. Try exploring your emotions together and don't be afraid.

cancer and pisces relationship match

You are both in the hands of a good lover. Prevent yourself from trying to manipulate things out of hurts. Usually, when you are manipulating something that means you are really wanting love.

cancer and pisces relationship match

Be patient with love. Be kind with love. Don't try to design it yourself, because it doesn't work that way. Sometimes water signs need to trust destiny and not push so much with their free-wills. Look at fire signs. They really get free-will and master it. They can become egotistical about it, but they know how to balance their wills with reality -- and to come out as fierce forces for that reason.

cancer and pisces relationship match

Sagittarius especially has this lesson down to a tee. Water signs are experts at emotions.

Cancer and Pisces Love Compatibility -

They feel it all the time. They go with their emotions and their intuition when they can. If you really believe in your intuition, try exploring your telepathy. Telepathy is about connecting with someone's feelings without having to use language.

You can convey messages without having to explicitly say them.

Why Cancer and Pisces Are a Good Match

Water signs a lot of times would prefer company over long conversations which can be a lot for them to process because they want to get back to purified connection -- telepathy. Avoid Narcissistic Tendencies Pisces, be careful not to focus on someone who is narcissistic. You deserve a partner who cares about your needs as much as you care about there's. Avoid becoming a martyr or punching bag for someone else.

A good partner will respect you and allow you to have boundaries.