Betsy drake and cary grant relationship

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betsy drake and cary grant relationship

Long enough for Cary Grant and Betsy Drake to fall in love. She married him in and the gift of gab that had won her love was what drove her finally away. Like a character in a cheap novel, Betsy Drake survived a traumatic When her relationship with Cary Grant fell apart — largely because of his. Drake is perhaps best remembered for introducing her then-husband to LSD therapy. Cary married Betsy in the middle of his five wives. Grant.

At the time, she had been visiting Grant in Spain and was returning to the United States.

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She boarded the Doria, along with dozens of other wealthy travelers and tourists, at Gibraltar, which was one of many stops the ship made between her home port of Genoa and her final destination of New York.

Drake sailed as a first-class passenger, occupying a single cabin on the ship's boat deck. When the Doria collided with the Stockholm, Drake waited with the other passengers for rescue, as the ship's severe list rendered half the Doria's lifeboats useless.

betsy drake and cary grant relationship

The affair ended in bitterness before The Pride and the Passion's filming ended, causing problems on the Houseboat set. Their marriage constituted his longest union.

betsy drake and cary grant relationship

Grant credited her with broadening his interests beyond his career and with introducing him to the then-legal LSD therapy, which he claimed helped him finally to achieve a degree of mental peace, and to hypnosiswhich he used to successfully quit smoking. Their rapport grew when they returned to the US as fellow passengers on the Queen Mary.

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Their marriage in Palm Springs, California, was front-page news with Howard Hughes, a close friend of Grant's, serving as best man. It would be the most durable of Grant's five marriages. After the couple separated inDrake started seeing a Beverly Hills psychotherapist, who prescribed therapy with LSD, which was legal at the time.

betsy drake and cary grant relationship

In her first session, she experienced the pain of her own birth. Looking back on her marriage, Drake said: I drank white wine because Cary liked white wine. And I ate well-done roast beef, even though I hated well-done meat.

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That was the true beginning of the end. After the crash of the Drakes returned to Chicago, where Betsy was parked at the Drake with a nanny while her parents lived at the Blackstone.

betsy drake and cary grant relationship

Betsy spent the rest of her childhood being shuttled between relatives in Washington DC, Virginia, and Connecticut. She found solace in acting and, after dropping out of high school, made the rounds of New York auditions, modelling and understudying on Broadway until she was cast by Elia Kazan for a production of Deep Are the Roots, opening in London. It was there that she was spotted by Cary Grant. When rumours circulated that Grant was gay, Betsy Drake memorably replied to the effect that they were too busy making love for her to ask she used an earthier expression.

betsy drake and cary grant relationship

But she reflected later that she felt he had never loved her: