Beastboy and raven comic relationship

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beastboy and raven comic relationship

Raven is the love interest of Beast Boy from the Teen Titans series. DC Films; Comic A potential relationship between Raven and Damian remains and share a moment together at the ending of the film when Raven presented Damian with . When DC comic fans think of Teen Titans member Beast Boy, a few .. of a connection between Beast Boy and his teammate Raven, they. A while back, I noted that folks on Comicvine believed the Raven/Beastboy With the comics, the creators felt the relationship would be feasable since, at the .

Dick Grayson and Starfire? The quintessential Teen Titans couple? Well what on earth are they doing on a list like this? The two may or may not be related, though its not clear which would have caused the other. The two met when captured by the Terror Titans and forced to fight as gladiators in the Dark Side Club.

beastboy and raven comic relationship

When released, Aquagirl convinced Static to stay with the Teen Titans and become a member, despite the fact that both had been missing for months and Static informed her that he had a family that was probably really worried about him.

They had believable chemistry and personalized interactions that made their brief relationship have meaning outside of narrative context.

And therein lies the problem. Their puppy love romance was so integral to the plot of one of the most iconic Teen Titans stories of all time that any reference, remake, or reimagining of "The Judas Contract" has to have them front and center.

Through time, a few cartoon shows, an animated movie, and several comic lines, their coupling has suffered from overexposure to the point where it began to feel exploitative and fans became disgusted by the repetition of it all. For starters, they were never officially a couple but treated each other like they were dating. Ravager was the reformed daughter of Deathstroke, largely jaded with the various goings on of her more innocent teammates on the Titans.

Coincidentally, his voice actor Greg Cipes is a vegan. His height varies throughout the entire show. However, there is one piece of consistency: Some fans have put the variable height down to a continuity error, but there could be another reason.

It could simply be a side effect of his constant use of shapeshifting. Animals like wild cats, for example, have much sharper senses when it comes to hearing, smell, and sight, than the average human.

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Apparently, so does Gar. Could this be a side effect of becoming an animal so often, or another perk of the serum that saved his life?

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Fans may never know. He gets a new feral form. This form most resembles a werewolf and causes his strength and speed to increase. He also gets even sharper senses. The only time he takes on the feral form is when his teammate Raven is in danger.

Fans speculate that the fact that he only uses this form to protect Raven signifies how important she is to him.

beastboy and raven comic relationship

The first is Robin. When everyone wants to target your boss, you get into a lot of fights. Robin became the natural fit for team leader, but Beast Boy actually had just as much experience as he did. He got his start in heroics with the Doom Patrol.

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There, he was used to following the orders of his foster parents, so he was ready to be a team player when he joined the Titans. He could only use the skills the animal actually had. So, if he happened to turn into a parrot, he could say a few words.

This was actually a big difference in the comics.

beastboy and raven comic relationship

In the comics, Beast Boy, as part of him retaining his own human intelligence, could speak in animal form. Teen Titans Go went back to the comic book version of his powers when it premiered. Beast Boy, as a human raised on Earth, is only familiar with animals on this planet. Typically, he chooses animals he instinctively knows.

He just has to have a frame of reference for them. In the comics, he does this a couple of times when traveling to new planets. He can have claws, fangs, venom, and become as big as a house or as small as a single cell. When he joined the Teen Titans and became friends with Robin, the team leader planned for the possibility of Beast Boy losing his transformation skill.

He trained Beast Boy in various martial arts forms. Many of the team members participate in hand-to-hand combat sessions with Robin to strengthen their self defense skills in the event of power loss.