Batman and flash relationship poems

Batman, Volume 6: Bride or Burglar by Tom King

batman and flash relationship poems

We partnered with State Farm® to find the most motivational quotes spoken by superheroes and their friends. flash words batman quotes. Batman: Hush is a twelve-part Batman storyline written by Jeph Loeb and illustrated by Batman and Waller do not have a good working relationship with each other. . Images of Barbara Gordon, Jason Todd and Sarah Essen flash through his mind Bruce speaks during the service and recites one of his favorite poems. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships.

The first is a family of detectives, people draped in loss and shadows that use their skills to fight crime and corruption in the city of Gotham. The other is a family of people gifted by a great extra-dimensional energy source with abilities such as running at incredible and superhuman speeds to stop evil and inspire hope in the citizens of Central City.

These families are Batman and his boys, and the Flash and his speedsters. Somehow, though, they come together and work wonderfully. The Bat Family works in the darkness to protect people from its ever-encroaching reach, while the Speedsters use their powers to inspire others to run towards the light. They provide a balance to each other. Because when there is no balance, then a hero can easily lose themselves to the darkness. They both experienced the loss of their parents at a young age, and it affected them greatly, hurtling them both down paths towards justice.

Barry and Bruce both have great respect for each other, mainly because they both see a lot of themselves in each other. To Barry, Bruce is an amazing scientist with an analytical mind that, like him, uses his skills to help make a difference in the world. And to Bruce, Barry is a light that shines bright with his innate goodness, even when facing terrible odds.

Barry trusts Bruce to make the right choice, while Bruce trusts Barry to make the best choice. These views shine through in other ways, particularly through their actions. Barry always runs to Bruce during crises. He knows that no matter what problem arises, Bruce will always know how to beat it. And even though Barry runs to Bruce, Bruce believes Barry is the one who can make impossible things seem possible.

He knows that if anyone could return from the dead, it would be Barry Allen. Because Barry can make miracles happen, like giving Bruce one final connection to his father — a letter Bruce takes back with him to the New 52 timeline. Bruce and Barry trust each other because they understand each other. Those roles belong to Clark and Hal, respectively. They are with their families for a short time before tragedy strikes, and then stay with their respective heroes.

They look up to the Batman and the Flash, and each try to live up to the expectation of being a sidekick. In time, they settle in as heroes. It helps that they are able to form their own super hero team, the Teen Titans.

This allows their bond to deepen, as they are able to spend more and more time together.

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He draws his weapon and fires two warning shots, telling Batman to calm down and think it through. Gordon is horrified as he realizes Batman already has thought it through. He coaxes Batman away from the Joker, reminding him that he is about to cross a line that can never be forgiven, and that if Batman becomes a killer, Gordon will lead the hunt for Batman himself.

Shocked that the only other man who could want the Joker dead more than Batman himself wants him to live, Batman calms down, and the Joker keeps repeating that he is innocent.

batman and flash relationship poems

From a rooftop high above, the man whose face is covered in bandages witnesses the event while flipping a scarred silver dollar in his hand. Talking to himself, he admits that the Joker was actually innocent in the death of Tommy Elliot. Bruce speaks during the service and recites one of his favorite poems. Back in the batcave, Bruce revisits all of the evidence associated to Tommy's murder.

He deduces that the Joker is actually innocent, and that someone went out of their way to make Batman believe him guilty. Nightwing drops by and shows concern over Bruce's wellbeing. He knows that Bruce has been seeing Selina, and encourages him to reveal his secret identity to her. Before long, Oracle radios Batman and Nightwing, informing them that the Riddler has just hijacked an armored car.

The two heroes set aside their investigation to quickly nab him. The Riddler tries to flee, but Batman easily captures him. Investigating the scene for further evidence, Batman is surprised to find ash from a Lazarus Pit near the wreckage of the armored car.

Batman: Hush

Some time later, the mysterious man whose face is covered in bandages, approaches Joker's cell in Arkham. He tells Joker that he is his attorney and that he would work to see him out by the law. Joker wonders who is this man, and as he starts removing the bandages, the man reveals his true identity: His face has been completely healed of the gruesome scarring that earned him the sobriquet, Two-Face.

Taking her into his confidence, he removes his cowl, revealing the face of Bruce Wayne and sharing his secret with her. Returning to Gotham, Batman leaves Talia in the care of Catwoman. The message is quickly received as Batman soon finds a scimitar sticking out from a computer terminal in the Batcave. Batman quickly deciphers the context of Ra's "message", but is confused to learn that he is being summoned to North Africa.

Later, Harvey Dent sneaks into the home of former police commissioner James Gordon. He tells Jim that Batman will need their help in resolving the current string of crimes. He also tells Gordon that the gun used to kill Tommy Elliot was Jim's old service pistol. Batman and Ra's fight to death Batman arrives in Africa and meets with Ra's. The two engage in a sword fight, and Batman surprises Ra's by running him through.

With Ra's incapacitated, Batman begins questioning him. Ra's is not responsible for the recent attacks on Batman. In fact, he wants Batman's opponent equally dead, for the person recently used and defiled one of the last Lazarus Pits.

She gets into a fight with Catwoman, and easily takes her out. To her surprise however, Talia turns the tables on her, smashing a chair across the back of Shiva's head. Batman returns to find Catwoman has been healed by Talia. Talia says that Catwoman would have died if she had not returned, but decided to come back for Batman's sake.

Talia kisses Batman and warns him that his mysterious opponent knows about his affection towards Catwoman and will use it against him. She asks Batman if Catwoman is worth the risk, and he silently answers yes. Suddenly, Robin drops down from the ceiling and criticizes Batman for letting her in on his secret identity. Catwoman and Robin briefly clash, but Batman breaks it up.

Frustrated, Catwoman borrows a Batcycle and speeds off into the night. Jason Todd is alive!? In the streets of Gotham, Catwoman encounters Huntress, who is acting very strangely and the two get into a brawl. It soon becomes apparent that the Huntress is under the thrall of the Scarecrow's Fear Toxin.

Batman arrives on the scene and fights Scarecrow. Their fight takes them to a small private cemetery. Batman beats the Scarecrow up, and demands to know who has been manipulating so many of Gotham's criminal minds. Suddenly, a Batarang flies from out of nowhere, nicking the Scarecrow's face.

Batman wheels around and sees the man whose face is covered in bandages standing before him. He has captured Robin and currently holds his unconscious body by the scruff of the neck. He removes the bandages from his face revealing himself as Jason Todd — the second Robin who died years ago. Catwoman arrives and dives down on top of him, freeing Robin from Jason's grip. With the Boy Wonder out of danger, Batman takes the opportunity to engage Jason directly.

Batman stabs him in the leg with a Batarang, then delivers a crushing punch to the solar plexus. The two continue to trade blows, until Jason takes to higher ground. Jason confesses to cutting the batline, which caused the Dark Knight to plummet nearly to his death in Crime Alley. Batman begins to suspect that this may not actually be Jason Todd. After several more minutes of intense fighting, Batman wins out over him. Jason's features dissolve into a river of clay that slips through Batman's fingers.

Jason was actually Clayface in disguise. Hush confronts Batman More frustrated than ever, Batman goes to Oracle's Clock Tower in the hopes of finally solving the mysteries that had been plaguing him of late.

Oracle shows him the electronic relay device that Batman had discovered in the cave. This device was used to learn all of Batman's secrets, including his relationship with Catwoman. Batman learns that the person responsible for installing the device was his old friend and technician, Harold Allnut.

batman and flash relationship poems

He is now standing upright and can speak. He confesses to planting the monitoring device, and explains that the man who hired him healed his physical deformities and even enabled him to speak. Harold is remorseful for betraying Bruce, and apologizes. Just as he is ready to reveal the name of the man who hired him, a shot rings out and Harold falls over, dead.

Batman spins around to find Hush standing before him. Batman still has no idea who he truly is, but despite that he launches into him with a flurry of blows. The mysterious man finally reveals himself to be Tommy Elliot. Batman had believed that the Joker had previously killed Tommy, but that turned out to merely be Clayface in disguise.

batman and flash relationship poems

As Hush, Elliot wants revenge on Wayne because Dr. Thomas Wayne saved the life of his mother after a staged car accident. Elliot wanted his parents to die so that he could collect the inheritance. Jim Gordon and Harvey Dent arrive to give Batman back-up and Harvey shoots Hush two times in the chest causing him to fall backwards into the bay.

Gordon is forced to arrest Dent. Over the next two weeks, Batman systematically figures out Elliot's plan from the beginning.

As he explains to Superman, Elliot had been planning the attacks for over a year, and had the chips Harold placed in the Batcomputer leave subliminal messages showing Thomas Elliot's image, which is why Batman thought of him after the Batline was cut.

Superman has already done several sweeps of the river, but never found Elliot's body. Knowing that his enemy was Elliot, Batman deduces that he placed some sort of tracker on his head during the surgery, and asks Superman to burn it out with his heat vision. The Mastermind behind "Hush" Although Elliot seems to be gone, Batman still has to figure out who the true mastermind of this entire affair is. Who told Elliot that Batman was secretly Bruce Wayne?

The trail leads Batman to Arkham Asylum. He finds that it has been the Riddler pulling the strings the whole time. The Riddler had been dying of terminal cancer and had used one of the Lazarus Pits to save his life. In his temporary insanity caused by the pit, Riddler realized that Bruce Wayne was Batman.

Healed from the illness, he decided that he wanted to make it big in Gotham. He was tired of being just another crook with a gimmick. So he hooked up with Thomas Elliot whom he met while researching his illness and the two decided to play the ultimate riddle against Batman using all of Gotham's super-villains as pawns.

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Riddler also tells Batman that he created the character Hush; Elliot's identity under the bandages. Batman, however, pulls a trump card on the Riddler: Batman also asks the location of Jason's body, but the Riddler doesn't really know it, which angers the dark knight, causing him to punch Riddler and knocking him out.

After conferring with the Riddler, Batman buries Harold on a hill near Wayne Manor, having forgiven his betrayal, where he meets up with Catwoman. Catwoman tries to comfort Batman, but he has still too many doubts about his trust in other people. She approaches him, expecting to kiss him and mutters the word "hush", which makes Batman lose control and faith in her.

Batman thinks that she might have been part of it all and he grabs her arms with excessive strength. Catwoman steps back, realizing that their relationship is over and before leaving him alone, she tells him that someday he must learn to trust people for who they are. Batman thinks of her last message, but in the end he stays near Harold's tombstone. In Batman Annual Vol 1 25it was revealed that Batman was actually fighting the real Jason Todd in the graveyard, who later switched places with Clayface.

Also, following the events of Infinite Crisisit was revealed that the Riddler had spent a year in a coma and lost all memory of ever knowing that Batman was Bruce Wayne.