Balsa and chagum relationship advice

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balsa and chagum relationship advice

With Balsa as Chagum's bodyguard, they manage to elude the assassins after The anime also depicts Chagum possessing a close relationship with his older. Balsa's complicated past begins to come to light and they uncover Chagum's mysterious connection to a legendary water spirit with the power to destroy the kingdom. . and looks down at the possible advantage of consulting them for advice. (Plus) Tanda: A folk healer and Balsa's medical support, he's a great character Model" of sexuality and relationships otherwise prominent in media (as a . through all the weirdness surrounding her sexual decisions tips it in.

The warriors show not even grudging! For example, when the Second Empress asks Balsa to protect Chagum, she offers her a huge bag of money. More than most peasants would ever see in their lifetime.

Balsa does end up taking it, but Moribito never forgets the delicacy of her situation, and you see her hiding the money, portioning it out over time, saving it and sending others to use it in her stead. This theme is carried throughout.

balsa and chagum relationship advice

Injuries are serious business, Balsa is muscular and wears sensible clothes, and even experienced warriors have trouble against multiple combatants. Balsa, Chagum, their friends and even the folks who initially seem bad. Take the hunters, who are a band of royal assassins sent to track down and kill Chagum and Balsa.

Balsa is nothing like that. When it comes to the main characters, I was initially worried about Chagum, expecting him to display the typical traits of displaced royalty: The animations are smooth, visuals are rich and Ghibli-esque, each attack feels like it carries real heft.

The crew is rounded out by Toya and Saya, two orphans Balsa saved during her sojourn.

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Balsa herself is, of course, fantastic. An early, intense fight scene I was left dazed and starry-eyed after one battle in particular, in an episode where the fight has a big and draining lead-up.

balsa and chagum relationship advice

Nothing is there for the sake of creating shallow, whizz-bang fluff. I have to be honest, though. There were moments I wish the show did feature more fight scenes because they were so well-executed and fun to watch.

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Not a whole lot. Throughout the year he spends with Balsahe grows taller, which Torogai notes when she reunites with Balsa and Chagum at the end of winter before the impending birth of the water spirit.

Balsa and Chagum

Chagum's clothing changes several times due to the nature of his character. Upon his introduction, he wears royal garments, with long hair styled into a bun and pigtails, and a golden crown.

The garments are discarded in favour of commoner's clothing, consisting a dark blue robe and grey pants, after escaping the palace. For the final battle against the egg eaterTorogai presents Chagum with more warrior-like clothing, which also depicts motifs of the Yakoo.

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When he returns to the palace, Chagum wears royal clothes again, and dons a single hair bun and a new crown. His relationship with his father, the Mikadoseems to have been more distant, but even after he calls for the assassination of Chagum, the boy is not ill-spirited towards him.

In the anime, Chagum's deep respect for his father is illustrated when he becomes infuriated at an aggressive boy from Rota for insulted the Mikado.

balsa and chagum relationship advice

The anime also depicts Chagum possessing a close relationship with his older brother, Sagum. Throughout the series, Chagum develops a strong bond with Balsa.