Badger and coyote relationship

Coyotes and Badgers, Incorporated

badger and coyote relationship

The relationship between a Coyote and an American Badger is Mutualism. That is because both animals have benefits in there relationship. In this paper, we review all that is currently known about badgers and coyotes hunting together. For much of recorded human history, whenever coyotes and humans have come in contact, it is the coyotes that lose—big-time. But unlike.

But why would these predators work together at all?

badger and coyote relationship

When one of them finally catches something, they aren't known to share the spoils. So what's the point? Working together helps each species pursue prey more effectively. Even if that means the other one ends up empty-handed, the partnership seems to pay off for both species in the long run.

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Each member of the hunting party has a distinct set of skills. Coyotes are nimble and quick, so they excel at chasing prey across an open prairie. Badgers are slow and awkward runners by comparison, but they're better diggers than coyotes are, having evolved to pursue small animals in underground burrow systems. So when they hunt prairie dogs or ground squirrels on their own, badgers usually dig them up, while coyotes chase and pounce.

So, nothing should surprise us about the capabilities of this poorly understood animal.

badger and coyote relationship

But something remarkable does: In fact, it is far more likely to witness coyotes seeking out food alongside badgers than to see them hunting with other coyotes. Both coyotes and badgers love to eat prairie dogs and ground squirrels.

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But because prairie dogs have a great neighborhood watch system, even the best hunters find them a challenge. Prairie dogs construct many escape tunnels, which befuddle the best predators.

badger and coyote relationship

But badgers also like catching prairie dogs and ground squirrels. Workmate and playmate So the two team up to combine their speed and digging abilities.

badger and coyote relationship

Badgers can excavate prey that runs into burrows; and coyotes can chase down those that try to escape overland. It therefore presents state-of-the-art information on the topic it covers.

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Reports of this interesting interaction come from many parts of Canada, the United States and Mexico. In this review, we summarize all that is currently known about Badger-Coyote associations. Number of Participants Badger-Coyote associations usually consist of a single Badger hunting with a single Coyote.

Scientists have observed Badgers and Coyotes hunting together for the following prey: Cahalane ; Thompson ; Kiliaan ; Minta et al.

badger and coyote relationship

Duration of Badger-Coyote Associations Minta et al. Two lasted more than 5 hours.