Avinash sachdev and shrenu parikh relationship advice

Shiv- abhishek by Shrenu Parikh

avinash sachdev and shrenu parikh relationship advice

Bollywood News – Mumbai: TV actress Shrenu Parikh, who is currently busy with her show 'Iss the two lead characters, played by her and Avinash Sachdev, would react to each other. The sequel does not only have a new story, but also a new couple on screen. . Effective winter care tips for your eyes. Mumbai: Over the weekend, buzz in telly land was that Shrenu Parikh and Avinash Sachdev of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 were being. Shrenu Parikh, who is currently seen as the bechari patni in Star Plus' Talking about her chemistry with co-star Avinash Sachdeva she states.

Our workshops started and we had dance sessions with Shiamak Davar, we were taught how to walk on the ramp and gradually we got really busy and all the contestants became really good friends. After our sessions, we would go out for walks on the beach, we would walk around the city and have chai late at night! I was the youngest girl in the group and everyone would look after me. You know, after I won that title, I had my first portfolio shoot done and my pictures were published in television magazines.

That is where I started getting noticed….

avinash sachdev and shrenu parikh relationship advice

But you decided to come back home to Baroda? Once the pageant was done, I went back home and joined my college. I was focusing on Pharmacy but I would take up local modeling shoots in Baroda. So, I would go for my classes at college and go for shoots as and when projects came up. Towards the end of my first year, I got a call from a casting producer — Neeru Shroff and she asked me if I wanted to join Ballika Vadhu!

So they sent the script to me, I arranged a handy cam, stood in my bedroom and just said the lines in front of the camera. A friend mailed the tape to Mumbai and I forgot about it. Once my exams were done, I went back to Mumbai with mom and it was the first time I went into a production house, got my hair and makeup done and faced a camera. I got so nervous! Now the problem is that I can act in front of thousands of people but I get so nervous in front of my family.

So I asked my mom to step out and I gave the audition. I was offered the role and I asked them what would I have to do? They told me that sabse pehle, I will have to move to Mumbai and I told them that I would not be able to do that. I was pursuing Pharmacy and my college would never accept my move to Mumbai. Since the role in Ballika Vadhu was a parallel lead, I would be required in Mumbai all the time.

You should have seen the look on her face. She was like…I am giving you a parallel lead and you are asking for a smaller role???

Destiny's Child - Shrenu Parikh

I told her that my degree was my first priority…. Gulaal was a beautiful show! What was that experience like? Manasi Parekh is a dear friend and I lived with her. I did not have a place in Mumbai and Manasi had promised my mom that she would take care of me. So she would make sure I had my Omelette, bread and Bournvita every morning and she really looked after me! Gulaal was my first show and I had never acted before that.

We started the shoot with an outdoor in Jodhpur and I still remember my first shot! I was supposed to run while looking for Vasant and I kept looking up…while running!

avinash sachdev and shrenu parikh relationship advice

It was so funny! The entire cast and crew of Gulaal were just lovely people. They would make fun of me because even when I had a back shot, I would touch up my makeup!! We had an entire Garbha dance sequence when Gulaal was introduced in the show and we shot that sequence for 3 days…I have such wonderful memories from that show. My work was completed in 20 days and then I returned back home.

So the acting bug had bitten you and you did come back to Mumbai? Once I finished college, I came back to Mumbai with my dad. For some reason, the production houses would love my auditions, we would talk about getting things finalized and then either the show would get cancelled or there would be money issues.

I had started missing home and I was ready to go back. She keeps going Baap ji…Baap ji! My mom told me to rehearse the script and give it my best shot. I had no conviction in the character and I just went and gave an audition.

When I came back home, I told my dad about my audition and the production house and he googled it. Turns out, I had auditioned for Rajan Shahi sir! I mean, I had grown up watching Bidaai and I remember telling my dad that I would love to work for Rajan sir!! I felt really bad…I felt like I had goofed up big time.

I came to Mumbai and signed the contract! Everything happened so smoothly. My mom loved the production house and Rajan sir promised my mom that he would take care of me. That entire project was a dream come true for me.

avinash sachdev and shrenu parikh relationship advice

Unfortunately the show did not do too well but I had the opportunity to work for JD sir and that was something! Considering the first season had such a massive fan following? You know sometimes ignorance is bliss. I had no idea that the first season of the show had such a massive fan following. We had shot the promo for the show in Hyderabad and when the first promo was released I was on the train back to Mumbai.

Romance time for Shlok and Aastha

Then, I started getting calls about the negativity and I went on YouTube and noticed 24 likes and two thousand something dislikes! People were writing such horrible and abusive comments. I am a very sensitive person so I called my promo director and as soon as she answered the phone she asked me if I had liked the promo. So I said…well I did…but people are not appreciating it. Once the show started, what kind of feedback did your character receive?

Initially, I used to get negative feedback. My father keeps track of all these websites and he would tell me about the comments and feedback. See, the thing is that we never aimed at taking the place of any other show.

avinash sachdev and shrenu parikh relationship advice

We had a completely different story under the same name. Once people watched our show, they realized that we were good. I worked very hard and left the rest up to God. At the end of the day, I was convinced that at least some people would appreciate the show and that did happen.

Every time I visit a set, I notice people at a shoot. So as an actor, you are not just facing the camera, you are acting in front of so many people. See, everyone is doing their job. If I had been in theatre, I would have had to act in front of thousands of people.

Shrenu Parikh

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Dil Hi To Hai 4. Gayamat Ki Raat 5. Kasautii Zindagii Kay Track: In this segment we ask your favourite actors some Rapid questions and get even more rapid fire answers from them. Taking up the game this time is the cute couple Raqesh Vashisth and Ridhi Dogra. Watch the video to know more! Bilwa Ashtakam, also spelled Bilwashtakam, Vilvashtakam, or Bilvashtakam, is the asthakam ashtak addressed to Lord Shiva.

Shrenu Parikh Chit-Chat With Telly Face - EXCLUSIVE

Bilwa Ashtakam is a highly powerful Sanskrit Shiva stotra which are the eight hymns chanted while offering Bilwa Vilva leaves to Lord Shiva. Chanting Bilwa Ashtakam especially on Maha Shivaratri is considered auspicious. Here is Lyrics of Bilwashtakam with English meaning. Watch the video, to see how she slays it. Presenting you the latest updates and daily dose of entertainment in the form of star cast interviews, gossips, updates of reality shows, behind the scenes, twist in serials.

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Join the nonstop entertainment with Saas Bahu Aur Saazish for all the juicy news. All was well until some months back when rumours started doing the rounds that Avinash got romantically involved with another actor which upset Rubina. The two decided to give each other space. If we heard right, the duo had a reconciliation and got back together with a little help from family and friends.

However, that did not last long and they broke up for good. This results in failure and dejection because all the karyas don't happen accordingly to the efforts put in often leading to negativity and inferiority complex. This vidhi done by Vedic procedure is very effective although very simple. The Puja will include Mantra Japa for sarpa Dosha, donation of a pair of snake made in Silver and a havan in the end.

The Linga made of special mud procured mainly for the event is carved into a Linga and worshipped to.