Aoshi and misao relationship tips

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aoshi and misao relationship tips

personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. Yami no Hitokiri said there are plenty of hints in the manga. support it because of many strange aspects of a 'relationship'. In one of the final shorts, Aoshi and Misao are not stated as a couple, but certainly act like they are. Can Misao and Aoshi's relationship overcome all odds and each other? 1o Different Ways to Say I'm Sorry by mandella-sama reviews. AxM AU If High school.

But only if you agree to tell him immediately after," she added, waving her index finger. Why spoil the fun? She was the only non-military barber…or stylist…he would let touch his hair.

aoshi and misao relationship tips

Not because he didn't trust people…he just didn't trust them to do it correctly. Megumi paused as she adjusted the spray of the handheld shower.

aoshi and misao relationship tips

I finished the last minute touches on my costume and my aunts have the banquet hall decorated. Aoshi closed his eyes. Very rarely one was able to relax like this and not pay a substantial fee. While he sat, Megumi was on her knees, leaning over him. He could detect every movement of her well-toned arms and slender hands…the way she shifted her weight from right to left…hear the rise and fall of her chest…almost taste the flavor of her lip gloss.

He released a quiet sound of contentment as all the tension of the day drained from him, her ministrations slowly lulling him to sleep.

When he obliged, she towel-dried his hair before directing him to a chair that she had dragged into his bathroom. Then she wrapped a plastic sheet around him so that as little hair as possible would catch onto him.

He smiled slightly at her mannerism. Megumi was as intelligent as she was beautiful. But there was an obvious warmth in her demeanor as well.

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The combination of all the elements in her personality, in essence, made her a very appealing woman. Her brown eyes twinkled with delight, obviously pleased that something about her amused him. Megumi started from the back, combing his hair then catching it with her index and middle fingers, before snipping with scissors. I spent nearly half the day watching the war exercise, the remaining explaining to the crew why they lost.

That's longer than usual…" she mused, working diligently. Then the XO joined in. He was quiet for a moment. She continued to work. She worked quietly as he sat.

He enjoyed the fact that she could be in his company and say nothing. It meant that she didn't feel the need to speak all the time. He looked over her work in the mirror.

Nodding his approval, he removed the plastic sheet while she plugged a hair dryer into the wall socket. With a flick of her thumb, the unit roared to life, and she dusted off loose strands from his bare shoulders, running her fingers through his hair.

Just before she turned away to unplug the unit, he grasped her hips and pulled her into his lap. The action caught her by surprise, the expression in her eyes giving it away, causing him to smile inwardly before he kissed her.

Slowly, gently, he savored the feeling of hearing her breath catch, her hands wrapping around his back, her body shifting to lean towards him. When he lifted his head, she asked breathlessly, "What was that for?

Kissing her cheek lightly, noticing that the action made her smile, he then added, "And to say that I consider myself a very lucky man.

aoshi and misao relationship tips

There are a lot of things I'd like to try…" He rolled his eyes and gently moved her off him as she laughed. Misao wondered for a moment before drinking out of the juice carton. She saw Megumi's car parked in the driveway, and Aoshi's in the garage, as soon as she got home, so where'd they go? Misao moved over to the white dry erase board to look at the notes before drinking again.

Just as a figure in light green came into her peripheral line of sight. She gulped before setting the carton down, a sheepish expression on her face. Other times, she and Aoshi would go to Megumi's. It was a routine she had gotten used to.

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She watched as Megumi began to pull items out of the fridge, some cutting utensils and plates, placing them all on the counter. Do you want me to come back later? Megumi blinked, "No, that's-" "Hey, does he know about tomorrow? He was running a hand towel through his short hair. I forgot if I mentioned it to you, cuz I mentioned it to like a million other people.

Misao hoped that her immediate response wasn't too obvious. But judging from Aoshi's expression, he believed her. She jabbed Aoshi in the solar plexus with her elbow.

aoshi and misao relationship tips

Aoshi shot her a look before saying dryly, "If being thirty-two is old, then Megumi doesn't have much time left. Misao could tell that she hadn't taken offense to it. When someone had known Megumi long enough, they could easily pick up on her mood.

Misao smiled slightly, watching the two. Ever since the incident last year…Aoshi had become a little more affectionate.

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And when he and Megumi started dating…he seemed…different. In a good way. Misao was glad to know that her original intuition was right. Aoshi did need someone in his life. She wasn't sure where Aoshi and Megumi planned to take their relationship, but it was nice to see him happy.

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Aoshi arched a brow. She still didn't get why a guy like him was married. We had breakfast with the Himuras. She knew Megs wasn't a virgin She respected that they were trying to be good role models. Misao watched gleefully as Aoshi washed his hands before sitting on the stool next to her.

Can he stop her before she leaves him behind? Oneshot Rurouni Kenshin - Rated: Aoshi realizes his feelings for her but fails to find her a year after she returnschanged, will he be able to make her his? This is a story of how decit and sudden love can tare people apart. Can Misao and Aoshi's relationship overcome all odds and each other?

For the ShinobiLove October Challenge. T - English - Supernatural - Chapters: Every night just before she falls asleep, Kenshin pulls her closer and whispers to her K - English - Romance - Chapters: Fluffy and corny and for all the Aoshi and Misao lovers out there. Going to college means facing Aoshi Shinomori again. Can Misao really face her past sins? And it all centered around a wayward smile that was unclaimed. Misao stuck working a loooooong shift gets the most interesting shift ever thanks to fraternity initiations and naked Aoshi-sama?

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