Antonio salieri and mozart relationship with father

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antonio salieri and mozart relationship with father Overall Story; Main Character; Influence Character; Relationship Story; Additional Points; Plot Progression Salieri has run out of options to further Mozart's ruin, so he contrives to impersonate the ghost of Mozart's father to frighten Mozart to death. . Antonio Salieri — Composer to Court of Emperor Joseph. Legend also has it that Mozart was murdered by Antonio Salieri, who was . Mozart's relations with his father are documented quite fully in their. Antonio Salieri, Photo credit: Antonio Salieri. Salieri cleverly took advantage of Mozart's fondness for drink, his financial crisis, and his obsession with pleasing his deceased father, and tricked Mozart into working himself to death.

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Salieri had to turn down the prestigious commission for La Clemenza di Tito, but had no real reason to resent Mozart for being the second choice. For his part, Mozart complains in letters to his father of being thwarted by Italian "cabals", but it often seems that he felt he had to make excuses to his grumpy, overambitious parent for any small failure.

Far from blocking its performance, Salieri frequently conducted Mozart's work. And Mozart's death, as one respected musical journal wrote, was almost certainly caused not by poison but by "arduous work and fast living among ill-chosen company".

It was only after Mozart's demise that Salieri began to have any real reason to hate him. Unlike that of any before him, Mozart's music kept on being performed.

In Mozart's shadow: the story of Antonio Salieri

Cut down at the peak of his powers - and with the added frisson of whispered rumours that he might have been murdered - he became the first composer whose cult of celebrity actually flourished after his death.

Salieri, however, had outlived his talent. He wrote almost no music for the last two decades of his life. Instead he spent time revising his previous works.

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He did have an impressive roster of pupils: But the composer who had once been at the vanguard of new operatic ideas was not necessarily teaching his students to be similarly innovative; we can only be grateful that Schubert ignored his diatribes against the "intolerable" genre of Germanic lieder. So how did this respected musician become the rumoured murderer of the great Mozart?

antonio salieri and mozart relationship with father

Nobody knows for certain. But in his final weeks Mozart is reported to have believed he had been poisoned, and had gone so far as to blame hostile Italian factions at the Viennese court.

Mozart and Salieri

People put two and two together and pointed the finger at Salieri. And who could resist a story this good? Certainly not his fellow composers. There are mentions of it in Beethoven's Conversation Books.

Weber, Mozart's father-in-law, had heard it byand cold-shouldered Salieri ever after.

antonio salieri and mozart relationship with father

And 20 years later it was still doing the rounds; Rossini joked about it when he met Salieri in As the rumour gathered strength, all denials only served to reinforce it. Then, inSalieri - hospitalised, terminally ill and deranged - is said to have accused himself of poisoning Mozart.

A version of it even turned up in The Simpsons.

antonio salieri and mozart relationship with father

It's hard to square this image with the friend of the Irish tenor Michael Kelly, based in Vienna at the time. In his autobiography, published inKelly recalls an evening in the park.

Salieri, who was working on a commission from the Grand Opera House in Paris, was regaling his friend with one of the arias, while they were having a small refreshment on the river bank. As Salieri sang, Kelly noticed a wild boar heading their way.

antonio salieri and mozart relationship with father

There was nothing for it but to high tail it out of there, leaving behind them, much to Kelly's regret, "a flagon of excellent Rhenish wine". The story provoked much subsequent laughter, but that was no surprise.

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Antonio Salieri was born in in Legnano near Milan, and there's an Irish connection here too, for it was on a racecourse close by that Fionnuala McCormack, twice the European Cross Country champion, won the first of her medals in the event, taking the Under silver medal in Although Amadeus clearly has a basic foundation with a fair amount of research, there are historical discrepancies for the sake of the narrative.

The most obvious point is the portrayal of Antonio Salieri.

antonio salieri and mozart relationship with father

In the film, Salieri is represented as a sour celibate and a malevolent conniver; he was actually a married man who had a great admiration for Mozart and his work. As the opening scene of Amadeus indicates, Salieri did attempt suicide late in life and he did claim that he had poisoned Mozart.

Music historian, Roye E. His confession was likely just the ravings of a clouded mind. The performance of Salieri as an old man with a touch of lunacy was brilliantly portrayed in the film by actor, F. Although Salieri did not actually kill Mozart, directly or indirectly, the storyline created a compelling narrative. Some reviews termed the film a disappointment because it did not live up to its Broadway stage predecessor, but Amadeus proved to be a box office success.