Anthy and akio relationship trust

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anthy and akio relationship trust

Blood relations don't make a family, and Nanami has spent her whole life I DON'T TRUST HIM; Because holy shit, Nanami is basically goaded that Nanami seeing Akio and Anthy together in a clearly sexual manner was a. Her first marriage ended with Alexander driving her husband out of the Certainly the Akio/Anthy incest and power dynamic could be said to parallel that which a declaration of trust in Anthy -- which is probably what resulted in Anthy's later. When Anthy was introduced to Revolutionary Girl Utena, she seemed to Yes, her intimate relationship with Akio was formally revealed and.

It is implied in the beginning of the Black Rose Saga that there is a darker side to Anthy than has been previously seen, and also that she may have an incestuous relationship with Akio. Although Anthy is vital to this saga in the respect that someone is trying to kill her, she also takes a backseat in the storyline for much of the saga as Utena is reluctant to use the power of Dios within Anthy to fight the Black Rose duelists for fear they will be harmed.

This arc mostly revolves around the side characters and their development. Edit This saga establishes Akio Ohtori as an antagonist and manipulator before hitting it in further in the End of the World Saga.

Anthy Himemiya

The two are arguably one big saga. Anthy and the challenger's Bride each play much more supporting roles to their respective duelists.

anthy and akio relationship trust

It is also revealed that Akio has been sexually assaulting Anthy. This is discovered by Nanami Kiryuuwho victim blames Anthy, but keeps it secret. A rift begins to grow between Anthy and Utena, as both have things they need to confess but can't seem to speak them out loud. Utena refuses to admit that she has witnessed Anthy and Akio's incest, deepening the distance.

While maintaining her innocent appearance to the end and promising Utena that they will remain friends forever, Anthy hides her own suicidal tendencies and self-hatred. She jokes about poisoning Utena, showing her belief that she is a toxic figure to Utena's life. Utena trusts Anthy fully and jokes that she too poisoned Anthy. Anthy is continuously sexually assaulted by Akio.

She appears in Utena's dreams to be a cursed witch who a young Utena vowed to save.

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She begins to experience pain on the way to Utena's future duels, due to the immense guilt she feels for manipulating the duelists which prompts her to almost commit suicide, only to be saved by Utena. Anthy becomes ill as the final duel approaches, leading Akio to show Utena an illusion of Anthy's "true" form as a witch. But is it enough?

Don't let it Akio

The addition of the Shadow Girls as a radio skit was particularly welcome and explicatory in its own way, but the thing that keeps me from being totally turned off from the series is the fact that this does indeed serve as its own explicit but honest depiction of growing sexuality, both how it operates in action and also how it can be twisted to meet adult ends.

Nor does it feel good when Jury is played for a fool, twice, during her pre-dueling character arc. What exactly is he doing to Kanae to control her?

Can Anthy break free of her Rose Bride prison? This is … a major episode sequence. Follow The Mary Sue. Anthy asks Utena if she believes in reincarnation, citing Elephants choosing to die alone.

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Children, in a way are a form of reincarnation of the parents. I suspect that this will be meaningful before the end of the world. But why the hate for Nanami? What we do know is that Anthy sleeps with her brother. Nanami saw it herself, how Anthy spent the night naked beside Akio on his couch. The thing is, Nanami seems to not want a sexual relationship with Toga. There still seems to be a sexual innocence to her, and that her obsession with Toga is not incestuous.

anthy and akio relationship trust

Does Anthy understand this about Nanami? If yes, is she just twisting the knife further?

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If anything, this seems to not work as cruelty, as Nanami would seem to reclaim some moral high ground over Anthy. This is one hell of a bitch fight, with Anthy proving to be the far more cruel woman than Nanami. And this invisible incest between Akio and Anthy is what Utena is betraying.

He is like the big reveal waiting to happen, or at least very close to it. It feels like the End of the World, when I saw Utena wake up next to him, talking in needy whispers despite the content of her speech about making him breakfast.

anthy and akio relationship trust