Amaal malik and armaan relationship test

We want to release more non-film music this year: Amaal Mallik and Armaan Malik

Armaan Malik is dating mutiple girls. One of them is Shirley Setia. He is not disclosing the name because of these reasons. 1. Armaan was dating someone from. India the Melbourne Test: Ponting baffled by visitors' scoring rate Armaan Malik interview: 'There's a lot of bubbly music inside me The serial hit-maker talks about his early days, his relationship with his brother Amaal, and his dream of Along with his brother, the composer Amaal Mallik, Armaan is. READ ALSO:Amaal Mallik begins on a high note Quiz them about how it is to work together and Armaan replies, It's tougher to work heart, but there is no scope for a relationship to flourish due to the space we are in.

Vishal-Shekhar are those composers who make the song with one thought in mind but they let you take it to another level with your ideas. And then, there are over-involved composers. S Thaman is a very funny character. Half the time, he does not come to the studio. So we speak on the phone, and sometimes, he is unavailable there too. So I listen to the track recorded by the cue singers and I replicate the cues all by myself in the studio.

I recently worked with my dad [Daboo Malik], and he is very spontaneous. He will change the composition immediately and expect you to understand him. So with him, I have to be on my toes.

amaal malik and armaan relationship test

Play Ninnila, Tholi Prema To a listener of the songs you sang down South, which Hindi songs would you recommend as perfectly embodying your style, and the other way round as well?

They best represent my musicality.

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  • I wanted to quit the music industry: Amaal Mallik

What was singing for AR Rahman like? He said he really liked my singing and soon something would happen. Once I finished singing, I asked what it is for. That moment it struck me that I am not just singing for Rahman sir but also for Rajinikanth! After Arijit Singh, you are the most popular Hindi playback singer right now. Top singers get replaced in cycles, after five years or ten years or more. Do you feel insecure about your position?

I am not insecure at all. The world is so big, and there are so many singers. What matters is how you stand out from the crowd and what extra you are bringing to the table.

If I see a new singer doing well, I immediately tweet about it and appreciate it. If I hear someone do something excellent, I think what can I learn from him. For example, when Arijit sang Binte DilI was stunned. Who continues to inspire you and support you in the Hindi film music industry?

amaal malik and armaan relationship test

Of course, my brother. Then Salim Merchant [of Salim-Sulaiman. He was there on my first album for a song. I have sang many songs for him.

I often go to his studio and hang out with him.

amaal malik and armaan relationship test

From the singers, Sonu Nigam. He is someone I have always looked up to and ever since I heard him, I wanted to be like him. To this date, I am not nervous about meeting any big actor or celebrity, but I am nervous to meet him.

These days there are many singers with the same tonality.

Armaan Malik interview: The singer talks about making it big at 23, and working with brother Amaal

The pitch should be perfect. Unlike popular notion, autotuning is not a bad thing. Play Theher Ja, October Do you think you are a versatile singer? If I was on the stage, I represented my dad, uncle, dada, and Amaal. So, we had the fire in us to do well and take his name to the same position. People think we just got a chance three years ago but no one looks at our 10 years of struggle.

I am single and ready to mingle: Armaan Malik

We sang jingles and did voiceovers. On the contrary, the industry was harsher. How do you see your career now? We have our own repertoire and style of songs. I think we have made a name because we have striven for it. Due to the comparison with our dad and uncle, the expectations were humongous. From that to people saying that my music has my signature has been a long journey.

I wanted to quit the music industry: Amaal Mallik | music | Hindustan Times

The fight has been worth the while. Armaan, is there a song Amaal has composed with another singer that you wish you had sung? Mostly, he ends up releasing a song in my voice even if other singers have rendered it. I think the song was lost in the midst of a lot of other releases but we may do a version of it again. What are you both working on now? The latter quips, Yes, I kill it in the shower.

But seriously speaking, Armaan can deliver a hit song even in a bathroom. There are times when I feel that the reverb is so good that I take a mic and record Armaan there itself.

We want to release more non-film music this year: Amaal Mallik and Armaan Malik

And what's their dinner table conversation like? Amaal says, We don't sit at the dinner table, we sit on each other's head. We are the worst people to deal with because we are like four friends trapped in one place. We are sanskaari for outsiders, par ghar mein sab ek doosre par chillate hain. Armaan adds, It's mayhem when we are together. You could make a biopic on us. Click here for more Bollywood videos The brothers are good-looking and successful.

They are at an age, when it is easy to fall in love. Armaan states, Both of us are romantics at heart, but there is no scope for a relationship to flourish due to the space we are in. Amaal adds, I am single but not ready to mingle. My priority is to deliver good music. The minute anything comes in between that, I let go. Even if my parents were to come in between my music and me, I would leave this house and move out laughs.

My connection to music is of utmost importance, everything else is just an obstacle. The success they have seen shows maturity and stems from an experience of pain and agony. I never wanted them to come across as a duo, as I have seen lot of bitterness when jodis break up.

So, I insisted that they retain their individual identities. However, family is important, too. I told Amaal that if your younger brother is talented, you must support him, though Armaan is not the kind to be dependent on anyone.