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Case study Sisak-Moslavina County, Croatia. Integral indicator of the Croatian thermal power plants. MEMS-reconfigurable metamaterials and antenna applications. Scene text segmentation using low variation extremal regions and sorting based character grouping. A technique for elimination of reflected rays from antenna measurements performed in echoic environment.

Performance, stability, and deep approximators. Software Agents in New Generation Networks: Automatic quality assessment and optimisation of quadratic time—frequency representations. A review of solar photovoltaic technologies.

Motion-based gesture recognition algorithms for robot manipulation. Control structure design and dynamics modelling of the organic Rankine cycle system. Remember me Forgot password? David; Hajnal, Joseph V. Seawater Hhalep Engine as a prime mover for third industrial revolution.


Problems Proposed by Vasc and Arqady – Amir Hossein Parvardi

Potential distribution for a harmonic current point source in horizontally stratified multilayer medium. FEM analysis of electromagnetic transients in linear networks. Is That What Industry Expects? Information Science Reference, Sustavi istosmjernih razvoda u elektroenergetskim postrojenjima.

A multi-year study of radio-wave refractivity profiles above the Adriatic Sea up to an altitude of 40 km. Analysis of local time-frequency entropy features for nonstationary signal components time supports detection.

Osnove, metode i alati kvalitete. Let mamb and mc are medians of triangle with sides lengths a, elektronkie, c. Simulation of three-phase transformer inrush currents by using backward and numerical differentiation formulae.

Data series embedding and scale invariant statistics. Electromechanical, acoustical and thermodynamical characterization elektronikr a low-frequency sonotrode- hale; transducer in a small sonoreactor at different excitation levels and loading conditions. Published by Sciyo, Journal of Energy Special issue: Electron mobility in ultra-thin InGaAs channels: Effect of transport of growing nanoparticles on capacitively coupled rf discharge dynamics.

A simple stochastic method for modelling the uncertainty of photovoltaic power production based on measured data. Skola Elektronike by Amir Halep.

Improved method for field analysis of surface permanent magnet machines using Schwarz— Christoffel transformation. Study of the impact of the slot length, width, and position.


Method for the reduction of in-service instrument transformer explosions. Physiology-driven adaptive virtual reality stimulation for prevention and treatment of stress related disorders. Advanced control algorithms for reduction wlektronike wind turbine structural loads.

A coupled nonuniform transmission line analysis using FEM. Impact of dry cleaning on the electromagnetic shield characteristics of interlining fabric. Gospodarenje energijom u gradovima. A Novel Approach to Remote Teaching: Influence of the axial inclination of primary conductor on mutual inductance of a precise Rogowski coil.

Problems Proposed by Vasc and Arqady – Amir Hossein Parvardi – PDF Free Download

Moving obstacles detection based on laser range finder measurements. IMO i Lider, monografija. Multiplayer games elektronikw Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks: Advanced Modeling in Computational Electromagnetic Compatibility. Analiza i sinteza kontinuiranih sustava – teorija i primjena.

A review of climate change, mitigation and adaptation.

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